Saturday, December 29, 2012


Plush, 10x20"

Here is a 10x20" Figure titled "Plush". This piece is available for my Demo price, one third of normal in my Etsy Store/gallery. Link is in the upper right hand side of the blog or HERE. I am moving again and will be posting a few larger pieces like this one to hopefully make moving a little easier. I hate moving.

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

To Frame Or Not To Frame?

Bounty available

Bounty framed available


Bobbing framed available

Roasting available

Roasting Framed available
Well Here are three more pieces that I added to my store/Gallery today. I have shown them normal cropped and with a Silver Plein Air style frame. If you are interested in any of my work in the store framed like this please contact me thru the store and ask about pricing. It will be very affordable and I will even ship them priority USPS til New Year for Free if you purchase your piece framed. The link to my Store/Online Gallery is in the upper right hand corner of my blog, labeled "Etsy"

In case you didn't notice on the right hand side of my blog is my new Video Widget. The first video or only video depending on your browser is my Holiday Paint Demo.If you haven't seen it yet, I hope you enjoy. Happy Holidays & Thank you for stopping by

Sunday, December 16, 2012

Buoy Bunch

Buoy Bunch Available
Something I would love to share with you all is a new app I came across and is probably for Apple and Android but I only know of it in its Apple form. The App is suspiciously named "Color Schemer". (Get it, suspicious, Schemer??)  With this app you can take your favorite photo or any photo in your Photo Library and chose up to five colors from the photo. placing all five colors in your "Color Schemer Library" as a harmony strip for later review. At first I was getting all the master works i could find and putting them through this app but then I started taking advert images and other great photos for a spin. I was amazed when i saw the color harmony involved in a soda ad. Have fun and let me know what you think of the app. Seriously, chime in. It gets kinda boring with no responses.. just saying.

Here is a recent addition to my Etsy Store/Gallery "Buoy Bunch". Most all pieces here are priced pretty  low. Some are sketches others are pieces that I have used to figure out problems with for larger work. All have definitely been an experience to remember.
 One other thing,  all the watercolor pieces since being added have had their price reduced by 50%. here is the LINK .

Friday, December 14, 2012

EasyL Tips

Disclaimer: I am in no way compensated for my Easel ramblings. Nobody sends me easels, easel parts or anything. Seriously easel manufacturers why you so cheap?

 Ok, this post I want to show you a couple of tips for EasyL users. These few things are just to make life a little more streamlined. The EasyL model pictured is the largest of the three, I believe it's title is the "Versa".
 I have a romantic affection for my French easel, a utilitarian admiration for my Gloucester easel and a functional addiction to the EasyL.  Can't shake it, its that useful. I have painted as big as 24x36" on an EasyL and that was my old 11x14" version with the smaller panel lip and a bungee cord. Get a good tripod or keep the one they sell there nice and tightened up and these boxes can do everything. Just sayin.
 So, the top image shows two tips. First and most obvious is the brass shelf they sell. Depending on how you arrange your paints this can be stored inside the box. I don't think they meant for this bit it's a nice surprise one day when I was trying to pack up from a days work. Also, you can see all the paint in the brass tray. That is from when I was trying out keeping the paint off the palette and only mixing there. Wasn't for me.
 Second little tip in the top image is the palette cup. This is the bottom of the mini brush wash jars sold at Guerrilla Painter (for about $2-5?). It fits perfect when the lid is shut and I put a small amount of black duct tape over the top third of the opening. (black duct tape is much classier than silver) that way when I pick up my pochade my remaining medium doesn't spill out all over the place.
 Now this last tip, seen in the lower image is the brass hook supplied with every EasyL sold. Since I first dropped my first brass hook in the snow and barely found it, I have bent one half of the hook around my brush washer. This way, I never lose my hook. These hooks fit French Easels, Beauports, Take It Easels, Open Box M and Alla Prima Pochades. So considering a decent brush washer should last you most of your life, go ahead, crimp it!
 One other kinda tip (I just thought of and don't have an image) is carrying your EasyL. I shorten all the legs and leave the tripod attached. If I need to put it down a minute I just open the legs up without extending them and viola, it's like a suitcase with legs. This is really handy when moving from painting to painting within walking distance. This tip may only work for taller painters.. Being 6'4" I hit the legs on the ground some times.  I'm sure this puts stress on the tripod mount BUT it's so handy and I've never had a problem in all my Plein Airing adventures.

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Snow White

With Winter knocking at our door here in Maine snow is sure to walk in once the door is open. So I thought I would post about one of my recent white tests. in the first image from left to right is Gamblin brand, Artist Grade White, new Fast Matte white, and finally Sketching grade white. I placed as equal (as i was interested in making it equal) parts ultramarine blue and each white. the results are interesting because the Fast Matte. is sold in same exact price range as Artist Grade.. Hhmph. that is strange as the pigment load is equal to the Sketching grade oil, almost identical.
 So to describe texture difference I will say the Fast Fatte is stiffest, then Artist followed by Sketching.  Artist and Sketching are pliable and creamy. The Fast Matte is almost too stiff to be useful without medium and its lower pigment load takes most medium use off the table..  Hope someone finds this info useful.

Saturday, December 8, 2012

Just Enough Time To Help Out.

   Woo Hoo! My new ornament came in yesterday and I love it!
 This ornament is part of a fund raiser to help out a Nephew (Jakob) of a buddy of mine. Maybe you have heard of him , Colin Page?  Nah, didn't think so.  ha! Anyways, JAKOB is just learning to walk and needs help due to a brain injury at birth. So to help out with equipment and treatments you can purchase some nice Christmas ornaments or just donate to help his family out. OR Both.. Here is the LINK. He is cute as a button and from what I hear, a total inspiration to be around. Raquele and I are cheering for you Jakob!

  A little on the ornament besides being stylish and slick, is a hefty ceramic of some sort. You can tell its of good quality. Not one of those painted foam things from a chain store. There should be plenty of time to order, receive and hang on your tree.

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Color Color Co Color

Against the Grain approx 6x8 avail

Life Color 6x8 avail
The top piece here "Against the Grain" is still drying so If you would like it, I would like your patience to make sure it is safe  for travel.
 Both of these are available in my online Store/Gallery. In case you haven't read the previous posts these are all specially priced pieces for the holiday season. If you would like to look around at my available the link is in the top right with my normal gallery links selection. thank you for stopping by.

Monday, December 3, 2012

Light, At Least That's Still Free

All The Light, avail

Low Light Roller avail
 OK, two more 6x8s for your consideration. These are at special prices for for the season. some better than others but all are at least half off normal prices. These posts will disappear soon. So if you are considering it, chop chop.. here is a link to my STORE / online gallery. I now have 30 pieces available on those virtual gallery walls. 

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Cluck Yeah

Clucking Around, available
Well, here are two more pieces that are going on my Etsy Store/Gallery wall. These two are from a recent trip to Liberty Farms in Boothbay. I have eaten eggs from these chickens.. It is nice to have connections but the more I think about the egg thing the more I realize these Chickens probably wouldn't like me..

oh yea, here is the link to the STORE.
Chicken Pecks, SOLD

Sunday, November 25, 2012

Even More New Small Works Available.

Warm Light approx 6x8"
Stems 4x6"
Here are two of the four recently added works to my online Gallery. the link to it is located in the upper right hand side of the blog or HERE.
 I'm guessing if yesterday was Small Business Saturday and tomorrow is Cyber Monday, today must be Catch Your Breath Sunday..

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Happy Thanksgiving and Store Update

SOUR GLORY available

LIL GLORY Available

   Here are three more small works I just added to my STORE. If you find the Black Friday hustle too much. Please, click on the word store and look around. I would love to hear about how much happier your loved one was  receiving Art  as a gift instead of another disposable gift.
 Have a Great and Safe Thanksgiving!!

JUST A SIP Available

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

More Small Works Added

   I have been adding new small works to my online gallery/store and thought I would keep posting with some images when I do.  This piece shown "Midnight Oil" is just a little 5x7" oil sketch for a modest price. I am always trying to look for color harmonies from life and the simple tea/coffee cup is great fodder for an enthusiastic painter. Here is a link to the STORE

Saturday, November 17, 2012

Small Works Sale..!


  This piece "Dancers" approx 6x8" is one of a few new entries into my online gallery/store. here is the link STORE  This store will iinclude special priced sketches and some older small works for older prices.  I will be adding more pieces as my schedule allows.
 While im here... Thank you for the encouragement and kind words that make their way to me. This makes the days a much brighter.

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Getting My Toes Wet, In Watercolor

Today I have finally opened my Etsy STORE! Here I will be selling my watercolor figure paintings and the occasional small oil for special prices. At least that's the idea. All of the water color figures will be shipped free for the listed price within the US and a moderate up charge for Canada. Everywhere else, email me. Click on the word "Store" above to see what is there.

So the watercolors have been a secret love of mine for a little while and while trying to get a grasp on this elusive medium i started in monochrome. Well, it turns out the mono chrome is kinda fun and lets me explore in a different way than Oil and Color. I love it!

I would love to hear some feedback on these if you are reading this. Thank you for stopping by!

Saturday, November 3, 2012

Art in Maine Show

   Well, I guess I should talk about this before the show is down. The image here shows part of my painting "Glory Bound" 24x30" with it's Second Place ribbon and it People's Choice Award ribbon. Here is a link to an article About the show in a local newspaper the Boothbay Register. Now if you go back in Blog history or are an astute "Life from Painter" you will know that this is the same show I was rejected from last year. So to have two pieces accepted was great and to receive recognitions for one of them is amazing. This show Is a big one in Maine. I couldn't find the numbers for this year online but in 2010 there were 575 entries for about 100 spots on the walls. I'm sure there were near that this year also. If you read the article you can also see a sky view photo of the show.  Thanks for stopping by. 

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Blue Coo Ka Chu

  As promised in a previous post, here is another piece from my trip to Door County. The day "Ole Blue" (12x12") was painted the sky was overcast but the mood Amongst the painters was all sunshine! I learned right after I 
Ole Blue, 12x12, available
had finished this piece that I was to speak to a good sized crowd of collectors and art enthusiasts. I had a good time talking and enjoyed learning about the other artists that spoke. Also learning last minute that I had to speak helped not having to over think it, which I tend to do. 

Thursday, October 4, 2012


This piece "Perched" 20x20" is one of my favorites of recent. The odd viewing angle and cropping that seems very momentary. Not a traditional view or composition by any means. It kinda makes you feel like Im a Lobster Trap on the way to a boat. ha! The deeper dark pattern and lighter halftone helped me keep this pattern big and clean. Good times.

   One of the things I like to talk about in my class and workshops is the implied (accidental or on purpose) meaning of the the angle of view and cropping. For example in a traditional Portrait looking slightly up at the subject, shows them in a grand more admirable way. Just the same as looking down on a person implies pity, maybe shame or in need of protection. Move this type thinking into landscape work and you will notice some different things when looking at master works. Things like is the boat entering or leaving the picture, are you part of the image or are you removed via distance of foreground? Are you showing a bird's angle or a worm's angle. That's a tough one when you are 6'4".. I am looking into portable seating to get a different angle sometimes in the future.

 Some of my favorites were the way(some of) the Russian Impressionists when doing forest scenes from within the forest would keep the perspective up close and exciting showing you the Grand impressiveness (is that a word?) of nature without it being an open expansive scene. To explain a little better, they would keep the tree trunks deeply angled so that at, depending on the painting, certain areas would taper away from you showing you where the painter was looking and creating a personal perspective. I cant remember certain names right now as I type but will come back and edit this post with some links soon.

 I once asked a fellow painter who happens to be Russian ( no names here) "How did they teach drawing in Russia? Sight size? Relative shapes? Gesture first type of thing? this painter responded... "We just understand and draw" ..  more, Good times.

Perched 20x20, Available at Camden Falls Gallery

Friday, September 21, 2012


 At the moment i don't have too much to blog about.. I am currently working thru another wiping out phase.. These bouts of wiping off paintings seem to be coming more frequent and with stronger winds (figuratively). i used to really loathe these times and not wish them on my worst enemy but now i just put down the sails and row. "If the wind doesn't blow, row row row."

This Painting, "Recession" 30x30 is the result of coming out of my last wiping phase. they usually help in the long run.

Recession 30x30 available at Camden Falls Gallery
 One thing I would love to share with you is a great book (I listened to it on Audible dot com) "The War of Art" the ideas expressed in this book are great for putting your ass in gear and its pretty cheap. Let me know if you like it when you read or hear it. Happy Rowing!

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Harvest Moon

Harvest Moon 30x24 available

With the recent crisping and cooling of the air here in Maine my favorite time of year is just about here! Just last night a strong wind and rain storm scattering leaves announcing the coming of the king of seasons, fall.  I will miss the steady sun of summer but the poetry of fall cannot be matched. In my opinion.

So this piece "Harvest Moon" 30x24" (available) has an interesting color harmony that is one of my favorites! This is the kind of color in works that are among my favorites. It is relationship based instead of local color based. This type of relationship based painting tends to fail for me and others i have seen when you lose the guts to take it too completion and say to yourself  (in a whiny voice) "no it cant be that color, people will think i cant see properly if i use that!! "

"Be Bold, Be Brave!" Simon De Pury

Friday, September 7, 2012

Workshop and Climbing

Later this month I will be teaching a workshop in Kennebunk Maine thru River Tree Arts.
This should be a great time with plenty of demos and hands on brush learning.
 For more info click HERE.

The Piece shown titled "Climbing" was a fun piece for me.
Getting into the pure abstract shapes of clouds and looking up at a different subject every two - five
 minutes is really a test in aesthetics and speed.
The piece in real life is a little more subtle in the color. i still let the color fly but depending on your
monitor it can pop a little too much.

The study of clouds is almost like studying a really slow wave.
 Always moving, shape shifting and in open areas casting different shadow patterns.

Climbing 30x24" available @ Camden Falls Gallery

Sunday, September 2, 2012

Camden Falls Paint Out


Well, I finally remembered my password to sign in to Blogger.. I'm kidding. I ended up being pretty busy and then realized, I haven't posted in about a month.. Sorry bloggees. 
 The image above is a quick phone shot of my 20x20" piece "Lady in Waiting" (Angelique). This piece was my contribution to the Camden Falls Gallery Paint Out (wet paint auction). This is the first year of this fund raising event and hopefully not the last. I hada blast meeting uo with some local painting frineds and meeting new ones. 
 Thank you to the staff of Camden Falls for making this event work even though the weather threw quite a monkey wrench into the plans with some pretty heavy rain. The rain ended two minutes after the event started and the auction was moved. Figures.
 The talent pool was very strong. So even with lackluster weather, this caused more then a few heated bidding battles for pieces. Always fun to watch. I can't wait to see who signs up next year.

Saturday, August 4, 2012

Home Sweet Home

  Man it is great to be home! I have been working on some figure pieces which I can wait to share and hear a little feedback on. The inclusion of figures in a painting is almost the "fourth dimension" in a two dimensional image. 

  In the Meanwhile this piece above (Local Setting" 24x30")  is of a local scene on Orrs Island, Harpswell, ME. The sunset is an elusive hunt and a worthy opponent to even the most seasoned painters. If you would like a tip on sunset, i say go for it. Include logic and thinking later, make marks of value and most importantly temperature. Sort it out later with memory and the study. 

Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Door County Update

Well, this post was attempted while I was still in Door County WI but for some reason mobile blogging was not working and my image would not appear..?. So this piece shown was one of my favorites that I painted while there and is rumored to have caused a little argument over who purchased it first when the doors first opened. What a compliment! I painted this in a ditch on the side of a very busy road while having to hold onto my straw hat and this canvas everytime a large truck sped by. Fun.

I owe the crew at the Penninsula school in Fish Creek a HUGE THANK YOU!! They did everything possible so that all the invited artist could focus on painting all while making you feel welcome and appreciated. I feel like I made sixty new friends in a week and hope to be invited back so I can do it all over again. Thank you!

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Apostles of the Sun

 I just finished my first Wisconsin workshop at Chicken Coup Studio out in Reedsburg. I will post more about it as I get ahold of some of the students photos they took. A HUGE thank you to everyone who made it possible and such a great time, especially Kyle Martin (pictured above next to me) I will be back!

Friday, July 13, 2012

The Dance

Oh boy... This week I am off to the land of cheese to spread my madness in a workshop at Reedsburg WI and the next week up to Door County WI to participate in Door County Plein Air. Busy Busy. I will try to post from the Plein air event and have some class images on my class blog. (see last post for link and save in your bookmarks) While I'm gone I will be the featured artist at Camden Falls Gallery. This piece above "The Dance" 30x30 is one of my favorite new pieces that I just delivered (this photo is not doing it any justice)

Friday, July 6, 2012


I just returned from a day trip down to Provenctown MA ( 9hour round trip ) to deliver a big handfull off new work to Egeli Gallery. This one shown above is one of my favorites, "Salty" 8x10". I thought for a change I would show it framed. It's another step (I think) in the direction I feel myself gravitating to. If you have a second, let me know what you think._____________________ I would also like to announce the "Class Blog" . This blog is a simple way for me to provide students with notes and hopefully some demos in the posts to come._______________________ About two weeks away from Door County Plein Air now and my workshop at the Chicken Coup Studio in Madison Wisconsin (I think it's Madison) either way there are still 3 spots open. Contact me if your interested. Happy Painting!

Monday, June 25, 2012

Rockport Rocker

Lately I am hearing the call of abstract design and more lively paint application. I can only imagine as maybe Bob Dylan was writing his 100th folk song on an acoustic guitar he felt the need to plug in an electric guitar. Now I'm not comparing myself to the great Bob Dylan but as an analogy, it's someone most of us know about. Plus it works.__________________________________ The speed of paint application and relating colors is getting me really excited because I'm just not sure what adventure the paint will bring me on or what color harmony I will find hiding in those tubes of paint. I realize that the piece shown is not a breakthrough in abstract anything but there is a start n this piece where either my boredom with local color or my excitement with relating colors was sparked. I hope to write more on this topic soon, when I have a little more time. I haven't posted in awhile so I thought I would check in and share where I'm at. Happy Painting ________________________ "Abstraction is a mental process we use when trying to discern what is essential or relevant to a problem; it does not require a belief in abstract entities." Tom G Palmer___________________________ The above piece "Rockport Rocker" 11x14" is available at Camden Falls Gallery. Link in upper right corner of Blog._______________still can't get proper spacing on blogger..?.so more underscore spacing...

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Maine Road

Maine Road 20x16 was recently voted the people's choice for the Choice show that is opening this evening in Kennebunk ME at Maine Art Gallery. For more info on the show click on their link in the upper right hand corner of this page. I hope to see you there!

Saturday, June 2, 2012

Info From The Vaults

Recently I was checking out a painting blog and this person just happened to mention that they were trying out some recommended painting techniques from Charles Sovek. For me to read his name on a blog especially a current one is almost as satisfying as reading "Alfred Chadbourne". Maybe not in easily seen ways but both are influences of mine and in today's current art scene (of things that I disagree with), their names being mentioned is an increasing rarity. _______________________________________________________________ _________________ Seeing Mr Soveks name mentioned reminded me of a post I had hoped to put together to help out some painters that are out there fighting the good fight.. I you were a student of Mr Sovek or have seen some of his demos (available online) you would know that he would mix up his own viridian green color. Well I normally don't buy too much viridian just due to a very tight budget (it's kinda pricey) and usually just use pthalo. On this years first paint order I went for a nice big tube of Sennelier Viridian, 200 ml of pricey green! Well, my excitement was short lived because when I opened the tube about 1/6 of the tube emptied out in the form of oil and the remaining paint was so loose it held no impasto at all. So I had a perfect tube of Viridian to try out this mix. _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________ This Recipe is essentially 50%/50% Viridian and Pthalo Green.I added a little cold wax medium and my new favorite, Williamsburg Impasto medium to help combat the loose viridian problem. This helps put some power into your Viridian and puts some control ability into your Pthalo. I recommend just trying a 50/50 on a small scale first, see if it's for you before emptyng your greens into the mixing board. If you think this color is too much try controlling it with Quinacridone Red and put on your big painter pants..________________________ for some reason Blogger is not letting me space my paragraphs apart..?. So I'm using the underscore to space until they patch up this problem. Sorry for the unsightly appearance. -_______________________________one more thing! I forgot until reading a Facebook comment about this post (yes I'm on Facebook look me up ) The reason besides the Sovek recommend to try this mix was I usually use (besides regualer Thalo green) is Classic Artist Oils Viridian. This Viridian is made entirely of Thalo Pigment but looks like Viridian in masstone and mixes like a weaker thalo. This also only costs about $23. For a 10oz tube. I know what youre saying why would I want a huge tube of weaker thalo. The answer is paint mass and equal mixing. I like being able to mix a brush full of paint and if I do that with thalo, it takes a lot of the other colors to make some mixes possible.

Saturday, May 26, 2012


The dates are set! My workshop and classes thru Boothbay Regional Art Foundation, here they are in their words. See their website HERE for more info or email me (found in my profile on the blog) JUNE 15 and 16... Dan Corey will be giving a Plein-air Painting Workshop. Hours would be 9 am to 3pm with a lunch break, and the price would be $150 for two days and if someone wants just one day, $100. Dan will also be conducting Beginning/intermediate Plein Air Painting classes on Monday mornings starting  on June 11--9am to 12 noon for $35. I am also super excited to announce my Workshop in the far away land of Wisconsin! This will be hosted by the "Chicken Coup" a you guessed it, old converted chicken coup, that is now a gallery/workshop space. The Chicken Coup is owned by my good friend (and excellent painter) Kyle Martin. The dates are July 19&20th. Yup, right before Door County Plein Air and about 3-4 hours drive away in Madison WI. The prices and one or two day option will be the same as above. Please email me (again, email can be found by viewing my profile here on the Blog. Or just comment. I would love to hear interests or concerns. Both workshops will have demos and assignments to help you see the information that's available to you in Plein air/from life and the decision process in putting it to use. Hope to see you there. The above piece "Dedication" 36x48" is a recent studio piece. I'm not sure where it's going yet, email if you have interest. A note of interest. There is over a large 5oz tube of white mixed into that sky. Many paint tubes gave there life for this one.

Monday, May 21, 2012

Banana Pancakes

 Time flies when your not watching the clock.. This painting was created in 2005 while I was here in the America and my wife was in Brasil. to keep the story somewhat short, my wife was born in Brasil and immigrated here legally and we got married. Once we were married we we headed off on a Caribbean cruise from the southern tip of Texas to the northern most tip of South America. Everything was great, I was (and still am) in love and lucky enough to be married to that love. Upon returning to Texas the passport inspecting officer questioned if my wife got on the boat while at port in South America... So in the interest of keeping this shorter then longer, we almost didn't make it back to our flight and had to report to a meeting at a homeland security office in the Northeast. We were told that while the paper work for this was going through she must return too Brasil for 30 days at the most while it processed. This was so she was not found guilty of being here illegally, which we later learned was a $495. fine an "apology" to the US government.
 So we were heart broken and I never knew a man could have so many tears. So we took about all of our wedding gift money and bought Raquele a ticket to Brasil within the seven days we had til we were gonna be guilty of something else..?.  One week short of two years later my wife returned home.

 Tomorrow is my eight year anniversary with Raquele. I am so thankful for her and all she brings to my life. Raquele, I love you! Happy Anniversary.
  This painting being shown "Banana Pancakes" 30x40" 2005 (because she loves it and its hers) was painted of us wearing old tyme clothes on my first visit to Brasil after she left. I know its not so great but we like it

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Clove Oil, Keeping Oil Paint Fresh Since Sometime Three or Four Weeks Ago

 In all of the artist materials books out there that I have heard of and some that Ive had the pleasure of reading thru state that mixing Clove oil into your oil paints will keep them moist and usable. This usually is followed by the warning that if you mix too much in your paints will never dry. Well, I'm hear to tell you that from what I've heard and recently tested you do not need to mix the oil in, the fumes are what does the job. So if you look in the above images you will see my well used EasyL palette with a palette dipper cup that i glued into the corner (back when you could see the wood grain). well that orangeish chunk you see to the right is a small piece of sponge that was wedged in between the cup and the box wall then soaked with clove oil. This little soaked sponge chunk has been keeping fast dryers like Burnt Sienna skin free. I also have a small container that i drilled holes into the lid, placed a sponge inside and basically did the same thing. it works great! I should say that the container or paint box should be as sealed as possible to make it work as good as possible. Please,  let me know how it works for you.
  In your search for Clove Oil, you will and can find it at your local Pharmacy for a steep price in a small container. One of Clove oils most useful uses is as a temporary reliever of toothache pain. You can get it on Ebay for about $5 for a 4oz like the one pictured above. Good Luck!

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Harpswell Harmony

This piece titled "Harpswell Harmony" 12x16" was one of my favorites that made it thru the winter, is now available and for sale. If your interested please contact me and I will let you know where it is and the details. This is one of only a hand full that I kept from this past winter, a lot of pieces just didn't cut the mustard.. So I am just putting the finishing touches on setting up some teaching for this year. Yes I know I probably should have had this set last years end but what can I say.. I'm the real deal folks, a bonafide, unorganized, right brained painter... Ill let you know exactly when and where ASAP just in case you want to experience the madness.. Ha! I'm kidding! I'm shooting for one workshop out in Wisconsin and one right here in Maine, should be a blast and also some lessons and angles on painting nobody else considers. I'll talk a little bit more about those angles here soon.

Monday, April 16, 2012

Party Hats for Everyone

Ever since I started painting outside (many moons ago) I have been in search of a great hat for painting while under the sun. Well finally I have found one! This hat is lightweight, cheap and the XL is big enough to fit my squash (that's hard to find). Just as a reference for you, my fitted baseball cap size is 7 5/8 and the XL Sun Hat is about the same size. There are four size choices. Here is the link to the SUN HAT

Oh yeah kids... this is NO REPLACEMENT FOR SUNSCREEN. Yes this means you. Protect ya neck! And everywhere else exposed.