Monday, December 3, 2012

Light, At Least That's Still Free

All The Light, avail

Low Light Roller avail
 OK, two more 6x8s for your consideration. These are at special prices for for the season. some better than others but all are at least half off normal prices. These posts will disappear soon. So if you are considering it, chop chop.. here is a link to my STORE / online gallery. I now have 30 pieces available on those virtual gallery walls. 


Jenny Martin said...

Wow, so many great pieces with great light in your online store. You are definately a painter's painter!

Mick Carney said...

More lovely examples of your feel for the light.

Dan Corey said...

Hey Kyle, using Jenny's computer again? Thank you!

hi Mick, thank you! I'm trying.