Thursday, July 11, 2019

Summertime 2019

"Summertime" 36x36"

 This poor blog.. Neglected for years now, in favor of bite sized Instagram and Facebook posts. I have been looking for a place to ramble a bit, completely forgot about here. Well i didn't forget, I just remembered at the wrong times..
 This year started off with an April showing at Portland Art Gallery, I painted several beach scenes. One example is this one, "Summertime"36x36". Painted on a hardboard surface instead of my usual canvas, lets all the work show and the impasto stands up nicely. 
 SO far this summer I have been visiting beaches, painting/sketching unsuspecting beach goers that are NOT posing and move consistently. It can be frustrating when they move or you didn't get enough info and a cloud covered the sun, but also exciting when it works out. The challenge reminds me of quick pose at life drawing but the clock is completely random. 

What do you do that challenges you in a fun way? (in painting or life in general)

“Only those who dare to fail greatly can ever achieve greatly.” 
― Robert F. Kennedy