Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Life, You Are Never Ready For It

 One thing my Grandfather "Gramp" told me once was "You are never ready for it". At the time this advice was topic specific but I now see and realized in the moments after hearing of his passing that this was a universal truth. We can prepare, worry and fret but we are never truly ready. This makes giving 110% that much more important for success.

 Gramp was the backbone of my family and responsible for the setting in my youth where most of my best memories play out. Thank you Gramp! You will be missed

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Mud Season

Mud Season 24x30" Available 
 Finally Spring has taken hold here in Midcoast Maine! After a way too long winter, I am ready.. The grass is getting greener and the mud is not so muddy anymore.
 This piece "Mud Season" 24x30" is being delivered today along with ten other new pieces to Camden Falls Gallery in Camden ME. Their link is on the upper right hand corner of this blog and look em up on Facebook if that's something you do.

I usually quote other artists here but think as the outdoor painting season is getting underway I will try something else. Maybe some technical paint questions and excerpts from my own teaching.

Lets start with a question shall we? Do you know what the handling difference between oils used to bind your pigment does to your painting experience? example Sunflower (Safflower) oil vs Linseed oil.  I know what experience differences I feel and would like to know your experiences with the different oils. If you are not comfortable commenting with your own name please feel free to "anonymous" comment. Just comment.

oh yeah.. within the next two weeks my Etsy store will close. If you have been thinking of jumping on one of the very low priced pieces there, get on it. Etsy will be closed as I will be too busy to keep it up and the pieces will be out and prices back to normal. Thank you to those who visited and purchased from my Etsy. I truly appreciate it.