Monday, July 28, 2014

Sometimes The Sun

Sometimes the Sun 36x72" Available at Camden Falls Gallery

"Sometimes the Sun " 36x60" Is the result of many morning sketches looking across the water at North Haven for Sunrise. Even on cloudy days the beauty from that island steals my heart and I try to sketch it.. I hope to be able to go back someday.

Quote: "If you're lucky enough to live by the ocean, you're lucky enough."

Just wanted to say..  this painting was/is near impossible for me to photograph, consider seeing it in person at Camden Falls Gallery

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Five Seasons a Year and Show Announcement!

Five Seasons a Year 48x60"
Finally!! I can put out some high quality images of what I've been working on.  This piece "Five Seasons a Year" 48x60" is the center piece of my half of the two person show "New Works" with Abbie Williams  , opening this Saturday (June 28) at Maine Art Gallery in Kennebunk. I enjoy Abbie's love for color and subject, I think our work will hang great together and can't wait to see it up and lit nicely like this gallery does.  Thank you Maine Art and Abbie! See you Saturday.

Link to my new work

Well its a goal right.?.
"And after drawing comes composition. A well-composed painting is half done." Pierre Bonnard

Sunday, June 22, 2014

Moxie, You've Got It

Moxie #1 "Glossy"
  I have been occasionally adding a small piece or two onto my ETSY store. These recently added pieces have been smallish works, oil on Arches Oil paper. One sold before this post was even up.. Thank you!

I have been having fun getting the warm and cool variations of the intense colors of the can to work. Hope you enjoy!
Moxie #2 "You've got it" SOLD

Monday, June 16, 2014

Scooter Dogs and the Return of Color

Scooter Dogs 26x36" available at Camden Falls Gallery

Scooter Dogs Detail
One of my favorite parts of the summer season is the return of businesses like Scooter Dogs and getting to paint all that fun color. I was very fired up to paint the battle of "loud vs quiet color harmony" that is represented by the foreground and background in this piece.

If you're in Rockland and want a fun way to tour the local coast see Marty at Scooter Dogs. Tell him i sent you and he will most likely not give you a discount but tell you of all food I buy from the local Vietnamese food truck, "Pho Sizzle".

"All means (in painting) are sacred when they are dictated by inner necessity. All means are not reprehensible when they do not spring from the fountain of inner necessity..." W Kandinsky

Monday, April 28, 2014

Snow More, Snow. No

I was recently (finally) organizing some photos and stumbled upon these images and thought it was rare for me to have a clear detail shot showing the abstract patterns in my brushwork. The abstract that goes into making realism.  (yes, i use that term "realism" loosely)

If that is an effect you desire in your work try stepping back. Try only making strokes that help from that distance don't get bogged down with one foot away details.. Remember, poems, not lectures. Happy Painting
Sun Fence 18x24"

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Opening Day at Dorman's !!!

Dormans, Happy Hour" 10x14" available
Today is the day! Finally spring can really start as Dorman's Dairy Farm opens its sales window for the season. You can bet I will be in line for my favorite sundae, Vanilla ice cream, banana, hot peanut butter, marshmallow and extra cherries.. mmmhm. I stumbled across this sundae last year as they forgot to add hot fudge by accident (they were extremely busy and don't normally mess up) So I call it a "Fluff-a-nator" (don't ask, long story) Just try it!
 Ive been going swimming a lot lately so I will definitely eat this with ZERO guilt.. Plus its real ice cream, nuff said..

This piece was painted last year at night (obviously) when the small dairy stand seems to really get busy.. Those magic summer hours between dinner and bedtime.. I can't wait, already so many great memories associated with this place.

here is a link to their Facebook Page.  Lick em!  I mean. Like em..

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Winters Warmth

Winter's Warmth

This is the first piece I'm releasing into the wild for 2014.. They grow up so fast..

 Today's quote is a poem by one of my absolute favorites .. A painter with words, Walt Whitman.

 Soon Shall the Winter's Foil Be Here:

Soon shall the winter's foil be here;
Soon shall these icy ligatures unbind and melt -- A little while,
And air, soil, wave, suffused shall be in softness, bloom and
 growth-- a thousand forms shall rise.

From these dead clods and chills as from low burial graves.
Thine eyes, ears-- all thy best attributes-- all that takes cognizance
of natural beauty,
Shall wake and fill. Thou shalt perceive the simple shows, the
 delicate miracles of earth,
Dandelions, clover, the emerald grass, the early scents and flowers,

The arbutus under foot, the willow's yellow--green, the blossoming
plum and cherry;
With these the robin, lark and thrush, singing their songs--the
fitting bluebird;

For such the scenes the annual play brings on.