Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Fire and Fire Sale

The smoke before it really go going
 On Saint Patrick's Day in the early afternoon the smoke alarms started weezing their familiar, non alarming alarm. Most of the time these go off with forgotten toast but not this day..
  I live and paint on the third floor of this 199 year old house in the photo.
Being a regular occurrence to have these alarms go off, I almost didn't go out to check on the neighbors as I would have to walk around the house due to some snow still on my back porch and ugly blue Crocs on my feet.  For some reason i did. When i knocked on one of the back doors then the next,  I saw smoke rising in-between the blinds and the glass on the second. So i knocked harder then broke the door in with my shoulder. The apartment was filled with black, plastic smelling smoke that i knew not to mess with.
Where Molly Stayed for hours. She was shaken but not stirred..
Photo red: Alison Hill
I ducked down while yelling in with no response. The first door i knocked on opened and i asked him to call 911. I ran upstairs to grab Molly (my cat), my jacket and some real shoes, (I'm not doing in Crocs) knocking on doors on my way up.
By the time i tied my second boot, the firetrucks could be heard in the distance. When i ran back down the front inside stairs with Molly stuffed in my jacket,  the smoke was rising thru the cracks in them, it was like a weird old rock video.

Everything in the apartment, I found the fire in, was destroyed and it it didn't fair very well for most other tenants.. My apartment smelled terrible and looked like a bomb went off.. Everything was covered in black soot and smelled of smoke. I have been cleaning constantly since the day after it happened. I am very thankful nobody was hurt and I should be back to normal pretty soon. Thank you Rockland Fire Department!

So this event capped off me at my leanest time financially that I've experienced since starting to paint, full time. So this sale was going to be a regular sale as i needed to get traveling money and find a reliable car. So I lowered the prices for this occasion and you can find my Fire Sale here on my Facebook page Daniel Corey Paintings . Ive included a couple of the pieces available.  There are about 70 available.


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