Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Ding of the Jelly Jar

    This past weekend was the reception for the Creative Convergence shows at the Addison Gallery in Orleans MA and the Cape Cod Museum of Art. Back to back openings, one Friday and one Saturday can really help inspire you to work even harder to elevate the level of your work. I personally feel like i have been  on a non-stop spiral staircase of attempted improvement. Not that I'm constantly getting better but pushing to go up and up even if i am sometimes standing still. If that doesn't make sense then I will talk a little about the inspiration for this  painting.
 This piece may look like just a jar and a spoon but i really tried to get the "ding" of the jar. In other words, I wanted the jar to look like if you picked up the spoon and struck it you would be able to imagine the "Ding" of the Jelly Jar.. I have always thought, If you look for something different you will find something different.

Friday, February 4, 2011

Snow Day Bouquets

  1. 18"x24"

  So it has been snowing up a storm here in Maine lately and from what i see on the weather channel, everywhere else too.  This is an 18x24" I did recently while the snow was falling.  Hope you like it.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011


It feels like forever since my last post.. How many times have you read that on a blog?
  This is a piece from a few weeks ago. I was painting with a couple friends Ian Bruce (keep an eye out for Ian) and Colin Page . If you go to Colin's website journal a couple weeks back you will see his great painting from this day. As we all painted, if the wind blew even a touch it would send a dusting of snow on your canvas or palette or both! We had a great time even with freezing feet and random snow deposits...

Here is the new video, finally released after much clamor in the art world :)  Creative Convergence Video   I am interviewed a little and reveal a top secret about seeing color and variations of within a mass.. I was punished severely by the gang for letting this cat outta the bag but its worth it, I share. enjoy.

This video is also being shown at the Cape Cod Museum of Art to coincide with the Creative Convergence show that runs through the end of February at Addison Art Gallery and the Museum. See it if you can.