Monday, April 16, 2012

Party Hats for Everyone

Ever since I started painting outside (many moons ago) I have been in search of a great hat for painting while under the sun. Well finally I have found one! This hat is lightweight, cheap and the XL is big enough to fit my squash (that's hard to find). Just as a reference for you, my fitted baseball cap size is 7 5/8 and the XL Sun Hat is about the same size. There are four size choices. Here is the link to the SUN HAT

Oh yeah kids... this is NO REPLACEMENT FOR SUNSCREEN. Yes this means you. Protect ya neck! And everywhere else exposed.

Friday, April 6, 2012

Trap Day

I have a fun task for you all today... The painting above "Trap Day" 30x24" is part of a show called "Choice" in Kennebunk Maine at Maine Art Gallery. What I would ask you to do (time and enthusiasm permitting) is click on this Link and do some voting. Now this is not a "vote for me please" type thing this is selecting which one of each artists work will be displayed at this show. The link is quick and navigates well, just click, click and you move on to another artist. Nothing to fill out. I promise.

Ok, since writing this I clicked too check the voting and it turns out you do have to leave your email... I think you will be notified of winners for each artist. It's a close race on my page.

Thanks for stopping by and thanks for voting if you do!