Monday, November 22, 2010

Firewood, a Winters Worth

Firewood, a winters worth 20x24

Quote: " I put my heart and my soul into my work, and have lost my mind in the process" Vincent Van Gogh

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Silver and Gold

Silver & Gold 11x14

Here is a figure piece from earlier this year titled "Silver and Gold" 11x14. I really like the connection that's made when painting a figure. It seems that every shape and line when represented honestly convey the models mood, attitude, comfort or in this piece possibly discomfort. Standing, holding a pose for hours can cause you to tense up in order not to slouch or shift too far from the starting pose. Frequent breaks are needed for sure. I admire anyone who has the ability to do this job, and the guts to boot! I think this piece shows that tension in the pose.

Quote: "I tell you, the more i think, the more i feel there is nothing more artistic then to love people." Vincent Van Gogh

Friday, November 12, 2010

A Little Goes a Long Way

A little goes a long way 11x14

So this year it seems that Veterans day is getting some extra well deserved attention. I'm not sure if it's because more and more people are having to deal with life without a service member, temporarily or permanently. I would love to write my opinion of the war and the big question of why but i will save that for another day..

I would like to Say thank you to the veterans, especially the ones in my family. Thank you!

This piece "A Little Goes a Long Way" 11x14 is about pride. Does anyone remember right after 9/11 how close we all seemed? Every car had a flag sticker on it? Well when I saw this little flag on the red house at my local paintn spot, it reminded me of those times.

This piece is part of the current show at Tidemark Gallery in Waldoboro.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Bettah Phodo!

Local Color 12x12

This post is just to provide a better photo of the piece "Local Color"(12"x12") This piece is available thru my studio. Email for pricing.

Monday, November 8, 2010


Firey 12x12

This piece "Firey" (12x12") is part of the current show at Tidemark gallery. It's one of those pieces that i have kept hanging on the studio wall for myself. I have received great feedback on this piece and the rest of the show, I wish I could have it all online to show you......I will try to post a bunch of the pieces here before its down. If you find yourself interested in a piece please feel free to contact me or Tidemark gallery of Waldoboro ME and you will be helped.

Ps there were approx 20 small works (6x8 or smaller) included in this show. I priced them low to say thank you to the people and Tidemark gallery.( Thank you Tidemark for a great opening also!!) There are still some left so get down there before its over.

Friday, November 5, 2010

Pirate Portraits, AArrrgggg you ready for the Tidemark gallery show?

Pirate Portrait 11x14

i hope everyone had a great Halloween and is not too sick from all the candy. We didn't get one knock at the door with trick or treaters. Maybe its because we live on a high speed road and really only have one neighbor. Anyway, i was getting really frustrated with not being able to post so i kept messing with the broken computer today. A couple swings of the hammer and it stayed on for a good half hour. Enough time for me to upload and edit some photos.

So here is one of my contributions to what has become known as "Pirate Portraits". Painted in P Town, these were very informal, sit in the middle of a room, everyone surrounds you and the paint starts flying. The best spots to stand were somewhere near the two or three lights in the room, sometimes on these portraits i had to turn on my nocturne painting nite light. Really hardcore stuff. I think i got this guy down on this piece. Maybe.
Well im hoping to post more soon. If the computer holds out.. Sorry no quotes, I'll get back to it soon. Peace..

Oh yeah, don't forget the Tidemark show Saturday November 6 ! I have put together some of my absolute favorite pieces. 34 all together, there is even a portrait study in there after Sargent! Goodtimes..