Friday, November 5, 2010

Pirate Portraits, AArrrgggg you ready for the Tidemark gallery show?

Pirate Portrait 11x14

i hope everyone had a great Halloween and is not too sick from all the candy. We didn't get one knock at the door with trick or treaters. Maybe its because we live on a high speed road and really only have one neighbor. Anyway, i was getting really frustrated with not being able to post so i kept messing with the broken computer today. A couple swings of the hammer and it stayed on for a good half hour. Enough time for me to upload and edit some photos.

So here is one of my contributions to what has become known as "Pirate Portraits". Painted in P Town, these were very informal, sit in the middle of a room, everyone surrounds you and the paint starts flying. The best spots to stand were somewhere near the two or three lights in the room, sometimes on these portraits i had to turn on my nocturne painting nite light. Really hardcore stuff. I think i got this guy down on this piece. Maybe.
Well im hoping to post more soon. If the computer holds out.. Sorry no quotes, I'll get back to it soon. Peace..

Oh yeah, don't forget the Tidemark show Saturday November 6 ! I have put together some of my absolute favorite pieces. 34 all together, there is even a portrait study in there after Sargent! Goodtimes..


Anonymous said...

wonderful brushwork and colours!

Mick Carney said...

Cracking portrait. I love the way your brushwork has depicted the underlying structure of the skull. Great skill.

Frank Gardner said...

Looks just like him. The "Pirate Portraits" were the best part of the trip. Extra challenging to work in those conditions on the pirate ship.

Dan Corey said...

thank you Rahina.

thanks Mick! I hope to keep going on these portraits and bring em to the next level.

Hey Frank, thanks, he was a good model, he stayed rock still and say like that for almost an hour I think.