Monday, November 8, 2010


Firey 12x12

This piece "Firey" (12x12") is part of the current show at Tidemark gallery. It's one of those pieces that i have kept hanging on the studio wall for myself. I have received great feedback on this piece and the rest of the show, I wish I could have it all online to show you......I will try to post a bunch of the pieces here before its down. If you find yourself interested in a piece please feel free to contact me or Tidemark gallery of Waldoboro ME and you will be helped.

Ps there were approx 20 small works (6x8 or smaller) included in this show. I priced them low to say thank you to the people and Tidemark gallery.( Thank you Tidemark for a great opening also!!) There are still some left so get down there before its over.


Celene Farris said...

Really nice paintings - great colors and light. Glad your computer is working so you can post more paintings. I'll be watching for more of your work and news. Sorry to have missed you at PAPME. Hope you have a great winter, see you in the spring.

rahina q.h. said...

love your fluid brushwork and colour handling.

Kyle Martin said...

Hi Dan,
Nothing but the truth!


Dan Corey said...

Hi Celene, thank you! Have a great winter to, stay warm.

Thanks Rahina

Hey Kyle, word up!

Mick Carney said...

Agree with Kyle. Love it.