Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Third Show of the Summer and Workshop Dates

"Cherry Stovetop" 16x16"
 If you missed my June or July show and find yourself in Rockland ME during the month of August, you're in luck! The Rock City Coffee Roasters have welcomed me in for an August show. This show is all still life pieces. mix of new, never displayed and older favorites.
All the pieces are unframed and priced accordingly. If you buy one and want a frame you can write me and I'll help you find now or make/sell you one during the late fall when things slow down for me.

The two workshops I am offering are for the weekends of September 16+17 and October 14+15 and in the Rockland Maine, mid-coast area. These workshops will focus on what I find a valuable in painting, ways I approach color, drawing, composition and paint application.
 The cost will be $225. for the two days and limited to 10 students per class. This limit isn't so much for individual attention as it is to cover us if it rains and we have to go inside for class/demo. Write me through my website ( danielcorey.com )if you have any questions or would like to reserve your spot.
Also.. If you are in the middle of a financial hardship and feel this class can help you,  I will work with you to get you in the class.

"Yellow" 15x12"
"Green" 12x16"

"Waiting of Red" 12x16

Tuesday, July 25, 2017

The Busiest Summer Ever

Preview collection of T Bonita Gallery Show

Portland Art Gallery Show
This has been and continues to be the busiest summer i have experienced. I have three shows
scheduled one in June, July and August. The June show (Image above) is at Todd Bonita Gallery  in Portsmouth NH.
The July showing is currently still available for viewing (thru end of July) at Portland Art Gallery.  (remainder of images) This show is the biggest collection of my work that has ever been put together with 35 pieces, see it if you can!
 The August show will be a smaller local show here in Rockland ME at Rock City Roasters (Great coffee!!)  and will have more local work and and some smaller favorites. SO if you come for the Lobster Festival stop in and check it out.
 I will also be relaunching my danielcorey.com website and announcing two workshops, a late September and mid October.

Preview Collection of Portland Art Gallery Show
Stormy Night 12x10" 

Thursday, April 13, 2017

Bakers Dozen of A Year

It has been a while, huh? Recently realizing that I have not posted for over a year was a bit of a shock.. I have learned many lessons and painted miles of canvas over the year to ramble about. Where to begin? (or re-begin)

 First an update about the fire and fire sale. Having been in quite a pickle financially before the fire the sale helped me get some stability for a bit; which was refreshing.. Thank you to all that bought paintings and sent messages of encouragement! I did not lose everything in the fire like other tenants in the house but I did have to throw a lot away. Washing and wiping (and re wiping) soot off  all of the walls, off everything I didn't throw away became a full time job, for almost two months. Also finally people are not asking me if I smell a fire in close quarters. Most of my clothes smelled like fire  even after being professionally cleaned, Good times.. The house is still being rebuilt and is on its 200th year of existence. Happy Birthday to the Ranch! (used to be a bordello) 

 These days I am preparing for two major shows this summer on in June at Todd Bonita Gallery in Portsmouth New Hampshire and one in July right here in Maine at Portland Art Gallery.
I will share more info and a few sneak peak images closer to those dates. I have been focusing a lot on slight color shifts/colors found within a mass. I have always done this but am trying it a little differently, i am excited to share! 

Today's quote is a special one, to me.

Quote: "Stop searching forever, happiness is right next to you." Fortune cookie