Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Spooky Scary 2015

Spooky 12x16" 

Lately I have been painting mostly still life, this piece "Spooky" was my effort at a indoor nocturne. I  had fun trying to keep the lit up parts saturated with color while being lighter than everything else. That left some great rich colors to be found in the values that the leaves in the foreground were in. The leaves are my favorite part. The blue bits in the background are stacks of canvases leaned against couch in the next room. Their abstract, barely recognizable, random shapes worked well and added to the color harmony so i included them.
 The pumpkin used in this sketch was rescued from the rain after my friends had a pumpkin carving party. I was hoping to go back and paint the half dozen of the Jack-O-Lanterns together in their natural habitat, the edge of the porch but the weather had other plans..

 Upcoming show, November 14th at The Landing Gallery right here in Rockland. I will have more info on that very soon.

Happy Halloween!

Quote "Everything worth doing starts with being scared" Art Garfunkel