Saturday, August 8, 2009

Monhegan or Bust!.... or Viva Monhegan!..?.

OK this is my last post..... ..don't be sad I'll be back. I'm leaving tomorrow morning for my residency on Monhegan. This lasts from Aug 9th til Sept 12th so If your on the Island say hello. If your looking I'm a pretty big guy and I will be painting,,I'm not he tallest or the biggest but I am pretty close to both lol.. I will be keeping a journal of my trip while there (hopefully) and won't be able to check in here til I'm back.
I have left a group of different pieces here for your viewing pleasure (or dismay)
I still have packing to do and its saturday afternoon so I can't really build up to a strong ramble here.. But I am leaving 3 quotes to help hold you over til the next exciting installment.....
To all those who helped me & support me Thank you! If I haven't said it a thousand times then I have not said it enough.. Thank you. take care all and leave a comment I would really like to hear from the regular readers and the people I see that have checked in all the way from Europe and Asia and especially Iraq.. let me know whose out there reading this, Thanks and Take care, Dan
Quote: "Knowing how to paint and to use one's colours rightly has not any connection with originality. This originality consists in properly expressing your own impressions."-- French Artist Thomas Couture (1815-1879)

Quote 2:"Painting should never look as if it were done with difficulty, however difficult it may actually have been."-- Robert Henri
Quote 3:"I cannot pretend to feel impartial about colours. I rejoice with the brilliant ones, and am genuinely sorry for the poor browns."-- Winston Churchill

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

The General

This piece is of one of my favorite structures in Round Pond,, its an old Antiques dealer but I don't think it s anymore.. Here's an interesting (to me) story of the property: Last Fall, late fall actually, I was attempting to paint some boats from my usual spot in Round Pond and this "gentleman" pulled up in a truck and started to pull all the dock pieces and some dingys off the lawn of this red building and drag them towards the water. (at the end of the season the docks get disassembled and dragged up for the winter some stay in the parking lot and others ended up on this lawn) I could hear him talking to himself from about 80-100' away and as he dragged these items closer to me it was easy to hear that he was practicing for the four letter word Olympics... So being an ex-boyscout ..?. I offered to give him a hand... he reluctantly accepted help with a larger dingy and when I inquired as to why he was so pissed off, he responded sharply explaining that he bought the property during the season (clean lawn season to him) and didn't know that his new land was the Bays storage during the off season.. So I guess the lesson I could take from that is get pissed off when there is more people to help you... :)=)
Just to clear up the title of the last post, it is a sarcastic response to the people whose mantra is "Speak english, its America" I realize this will alienate some readers but maybe that's because you are wrong.... These fences/borders were put up by man and just because your ancestors have already been here awhile doesn't mean the doors close.. Just because you speak one language doesn't make any other language wrong.. Evolve!
Quote: "Genius is the ability to renew one's emotions in daily experience." Paul Cezanne.