Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Prussian Blue and his Amazing Friends

This photo is a palette of colors that would satisfy most painters from strict black and white tonalist to wild colorist. The best part of this palette is that it's only three pigments! I know there are plenty of three color palette out there with mostly three comparatively weak colors and they cause a supposed color harmony. I believe that a color harmony should be found and related from what's viewed in nature not be bound by what pigments are used. Just sayin.

To me this is the limited palette that is usable and you can breath with, Cadmium Yellow, Quinacridone Red/Rose and Prussian Blue. Incase your wondering these in the photo are all RGH oils. I don't use them as much as I used to cause there prices went up.

Incase your wondering why I'm posting this info. In my classes which I'm hoping to get going again (now that summer has ended and locals have a little time to themselves ) these are the colors I recommend if people are buying for the first time or just want to stop carrying twelve too thirty tubes. Now I don't use just these three colors alone but I do usually use them as the base for my palette which I add a couple pthalos, ,an orange for convenience and yellow ochre and burnt sienna for the same reason. I think if you try these three you will see what I'm talking about and if you just add a color or two of your liking you would be all set in most all cases.

Monday, October 10, 2011

Maine Magazine

So do you remember my piece "Morning in Friendship"(24x30") from a few posts back? It was featured by Maine Art Gallery in a full page ad in this months (October) Maine Magazine. I am really excited by this as it's my first full page ad and Maine Magazine is my favorite of all the magazines about Maine and life here.

Yes, if you noticed in the pic, I bought two copies.... One for my Mom.

Incase you are wondering this piece is still (as far as I know) available at Maine Art Gallery in Kennebunk ME.

Last topic today, I am enjoying the change to my blog color scheme. I was never able to frame my pieces with white before so something has changed..?. I mean in my work not the blog.
Also on the top right, above the gallery links is my Facebook page, if you join it by clicking "like" you will see a bunch of photos/paintings (soon) that I don't put on the blog.

Saturday, October 8, 2011

In Line

This is a piece I didn't get to post over the summer and it was off to a collector in Switzerland right after delivery to Camden Falls Gallery. "In Line" 24x30" was an early morning light piece that I think conveys that light better then I have done in the past. I just thought I would share it here.

I will be trying to get my classes at Boothbay Regional Art Foundation going again now that fall is here and people have a little time for themselves. If you are interested please feel fee to email me (email can be found in my blog profile, I'm hiding it from the spam people) for info. Will also be doing a few posts related to the class so check back soon if that interests you. Thanks for stopping by, Dan