Thursday, April 14, 2011


Frosted, 9x12" available

    Here is one of my favorite pieces from my painting sessions at the Bristol Dam. "Frosted" 9x12". If you click on the image, the detail should be pretty sharp. Finally after two years of taking blurry photos..... Thank for stopping by.

Monday, April 11, 2011

Odds and Ends

Recently I started teaching through the Boothbay Regional Art Foundation in, you guessed it, Boothbay Maine. For now the class is just an intro to oil, focusing on being comfortable with medium and figuring out what you want to say with it once you are comfortable. The Plein Air Classes will be starting in late spring. All the classes are really affordable and you can drop in a week if you just happen to be here for a week so please contact BRAF @ (207) 633-2703 or visit their site  for more info. 
This piece is a 6x8" of a little slice of life that caught my eye inside Paul and Pharr Schulenburg's studio. Its titled "Pharr's Side"

Monday, April 4, 2011

Snowly Moley

 I was right!! At the end of my last post I stated that because I was talking about spring that snow would come again.. Not only was I right about it but for being smug we have had  three different snow storms since then. One storm was nice enough to deliver almost a foot of snow. Free.

  There are a few more snow paintings to share here and this one is from before my recent advance in photographing my work. Some subtlety is lost. It is a 24x30 titled "Blizzard Road Bristol Dam" and was painted a couple months ago when we received the first installment of our three foot plus base of snow...

Did you know that the original spelling of snow when translated was spelled "S-N-F-O-W..?
 Then, my ancestors right here in the North East, New Englanders ... Changed it to S-N-O-W...
 Because they were tired of the F in Snow..........

 OK,  read that last sentence out loud.

  I wrote that.. thanks for stopping by.