Saturday, October 10, 2009

Monhegan Show.

OK.. This week a good chunk of the work I did while on residency will be on display at Camden Falls Gallery in Camden ME. This Weekend thruuuuu.....???? I think a month? Anyway As usual sorry about the photos...
As I write and construct this post I don't have any specific stories n my head...its pretty early in the am. But I do have people that made my time there extra memorable and I miss them all. (in no specific order) John P.H. Alison, Amy, Kevin, Alice, Dan, Sue, Bethany, Tara, Remak, Barnacle and Novelty crews, The Corina House. I could name most of the Island and say I miss them and I do, but these are the people that made me feel welcome. Thanks.
To see some more work check out the Camden Falls Gallery website..

Quote:" I've not been cursed with talent, which could be a great inhibitor" Robert Rauschenberg"