Monday, April 29, 2013

Odds & Ends

Chariots of Fire, 6x8, NFS

Current, 6x8" available
This post I just wanted to share a few little pieces that I did when I moved into my new studio this past winter. I was in a weird place mentally and was just painting everything in front of me without any major thought included. This subject free painting is seemingly where I would like to be going forward with larger work. Just exploring the abstract shapes and how they fit into my chosen canvas size/shape.
 A little about each piece, all 6x8" by the way. Top, that is just a fun sketch of my friend Colin's car parked next to mine on one of my first winter paint outings up here in Rockland. The middle, a box of my "current" paints. I have a larger box of paints (except when running low) and keep the ones I'm currently using separated so they are easier to find and what not.
 Finally the scissors, hard to see in this photo (and hard to believe If you are familiar with my love of Pthalo) there is a really fun subtle gray harmony around these simple scissors that are based off relative warm n cool. This overall blue gray is turned on, color wise by the orange handles. As I heard (paraphrasing) from really great painter and friend Eric Merrell." Make your painting about something, not of something." (sorry if i messed up the quote Eric..)
Skizzers, 8x6" available

Monday, April 22, 2013

Figures For You

Flirt, 8x6"


Attention, 8x6"

Color Scuro, approx 10x15"

Away, 4x3" (yes, very small piece) SOLD
Here is a fresh grouping of figure pieces from my ongoing quick sketch figure series. The practice has led me to a pretty comfortable place with my paints and a clock ticking. To anyone interested in materials I have been using Bainbridge illustration board  (cold press surface) coated with a few layers of liquitex gesso or watered down Utrecht gesso (the Utrecht is really heavy bodied). To help the paint move faster I use my "Ducksauce" medium recipe which is 50/50 Liquin and Gamsol. 
If you are looking for a good deal on the Bainbridge board, Utrecht has it for a decent price especially when combined with their always available "40% OFF" one item coupon.. 

All these pieces are available Unframed thru my Etsy Gallery/Store . here is a LINK 
Please feel free to leave a comment (I appreciate the feedback) or send a link to a friend that may be interested in my work. Thank you for stopping by!

Quote: "Life is truly known only to those who suffer, lose, endure adversity and stumble from defeat to defeat."
   Anais Nin

Quote 2 : "Education is an ornament in prosperity and a refuge in adversity" Aristotle
Reach, approx 8x10 SOLD

Friday, April 5, 2013

Back And Forth, The Story of a Rockturne

Back & Forth 24x20" available

set up for Rockturne 3/13

 This Blog post is dedicated to Evan Hopkins who died very tragically this past week. Evan was only twenty years old and probably just figuring out this thing called life that most of us complain about. Please take this tragic loss and consider reevaluating your time, go get "it". Whatever "it" is, grab it and don't let go..

 So recently I went out into the Rockland night, in search of a subject to paint. Truth be told these ferry terminals have been catching my eye since seeing the beautiful way they are lit up at night. My Maine man and friend Colin Page also lit these terminals up in a very inspiring way. Check the link.
 So thought I would see what I could do. Just about as soon as i set up to paint and took the photo below, two guys come walking up who seemed to live in the boat yard. Obviously enjoying the open local bar scene recently.. One of whom was very drunk and i could hear a mile away. The drunker wobbly one starts loudly saying "gyou chant paahk there" "Gyou chant Jsht paahk anywheah" from about 50 feet away. So I take my headphone out. (only wear one headphone people, it can save you from a drunk slobbering on you..) turn around to listen to a little more til he gets about 20 feet away.  I asked him if he is sure and I accidentally shot him my painters squint... (insert "The Good The Bad and The Ugly whistle in here) Now this apparently was enough to trick him into believing I was tough. He went on after trying to focus on me for a minute then asked if i was making a "Picture". Then mumbled, said good night and wobbled away... As they disappeared into the boat yard like two zombies I thought to myself. "My first Nocturne attempt in Rockland and I get fucked with in the first five minutes" then I thought "good thing they recognized my ninja skills before it was too late".. "for them" . ha! I hope you have enjoyed this ridiculous story.