Monday, April 29, 2013

Odds & Ends

Chariots of Fire, 6x8, NFS

Current, 6x8" available
This post I just wanted to share a few little pieces that I did when I moved into my new studio this past winter. I was in a weird place mentally and was just painting everything in front of me without any major thought included. This subject free painting is seemingly where I would like to be going forward with larger work. Just exploring the abstract shapes and how they fit into my chosen canvas size/shape.
 A little about each piece, all 6x8" by the way. Top, that is just a fun sketch of my friend Colin's car parked next to mine on one of my first winter paint outings up here in Rockland. The middle, a box of my "current" paints. I have a larger box of paints (except when running low) and keep the ones I'm currently using separated so they are easier to find and what not.
 Finally the scissors, hard to see in this photo (and hard to believe If you are familiar with my love of Pthalo) there is a really fun subtle gray harmony around these simple scissors that are based off relative warm n cool. This overall blue gray is turned on, color wise by the orange handles. As I heard (paraphrasing) from really great painter and friend Eric Merrell." Make your painting about something, not of something." (sorry if i messed up the quote Eric..)
Skizzers, 8x6" available


Matthew Holt said...

These are great little gems, Dan! I can totally picture the larger format that you mentioned too. Eric's quote is perfect...I'm realizing that more and more these days.

Colin Page said...

Nice scissors Danno. Hot color... I mean cool color... I mean the colors look good.

Mick Carney said...

Lovely set of little ones. Great technical pieces, beautifully executed.

Dan Corey said...

hey Matt, thank you! realization=the never ending quest.. ugh

Dan Corey said...

Colin! you're too cool! thank you

Dan Corey said...

hi Mick, thank you! these were fun to do