Friday, May 20, 2011

Where's my book?

This piece "Where's my book?" 18x24" was a demo I did recently for my weekly painting class. Our focus was keeping color interesting through relationships and also talking about keeping value judgements so that the masses would stay together as much as possible. This piece will be available at a gallery near you soon. Well, maybe near me.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

First Class too the Life Boats

This is a demo piece from the painting class I have been teaching at Boothbay Regional Art Foundation. One of the lessons when we are doing Black and white work is if you are gonna break up a value mass..make sure it's worth it. In other words if you are painter that says "I like details" make sure those details are worth breaking up the big statement your piece makes from a distance. I'm big on simplifying at the moment so that's my angle. Let me know if you like seeing stuff from my class or if you are interested in attending some classes.

The spring sale has ended early due to the overwhelmingly positive response. I think that is what shut down blogger for a couple days.... Yes I'm kidding.