Friday, January 30, 2009

Guess What!?

Great news, I have known for a bit but recently confirmed and received a bit more info on my first show. This will be at Tidemark Gallery ( ) and opening night will be on April 29th and run thru May 23rd. A beautiful space with ample lighting and good wall space. I am aiming for at least 30 pieces (and now that it is written it shall be?) ranging from 5"x5" to 30"x40" ..?. (will have to see about how the big ones go, painting outside??) If anyone would like to be on the mailing list for this please leave it in comments section and I will erase after I write it down or e-mail me at . I am very excited about this and will post pics from the show in the future and hopefully all the paintings from it in one big preview post. Quote:" Painting from nature is not copying the object, it is realizing one's sensations." Paul Cezanne.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Painting from Life

Recently I started driving to Belfast Me for a long pose life drawing group. The total pose time is around 2 hrs and the lighting is great, there is a huge approx 12'x15' frosted northlight window and some assorted adjustable interior lights. I think its around 50-55 mile drive each way, but its in the morning which really fits our early rising schedule great, also factoring in some great people/artists to work with its definetely worth the trip. I have to say the photo is slightly different then the actual painting, but this is the only photo that shows the colors close to accurate and due to time constaints this morning and no sunlight in sight I had to make an executive decision. It's not quite finished but it hold some truths so I've decided to let it be. NO QUOTE: JOKES TODAY . OK I believe these came from my GrandFather( Hi Gramp) in 2005 but I have kept them and think you will agree they are fitting . " After much careful research, it has been discovered that the artist Vincent Van Gogh had many relatives. Among them were: His dizzy aunt......Verti Gogh. The brother who ate prunes.....Gotta Gogh. The constipated uncle.....Cant Gogh. The brother who worked at a convenience store.....Stopn Gogh. The GrandFather from Yugoslavia..........U Gogh. The brother who bleached his clothes white......... Hue Gogh. The cousin from Illinois.........Chica Gogh. (my Fav>) His Magician cousin.....Wherediddy Gogh. The Mexican cousin's American half brother.....Grin Gogh. The ballroom dancing aunt..........Tan Gogh. His Sister that loved Disco.....Go Gogh. The nephew who drove a stage coach.....Wellsfar Gogh. The bird lover uncle....Flamin Gogh. His nephew psychoanalyst..........E Gogh. The Cousin that loved fruit......Man Gogh. An Aunt who taught positive thinking........Wayto Gogh. The bouncy little nephew.............Poe Gogh. (Another fav >>) And his niece who travels the country in a van....WINNIE BAY GOGH..

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

How Many Piggy Banks Must Die ?

Ok so the title is a little dramatic, but so is the economic situation. I think the best way to stimulate the economy is to buy more Daniel Corey Paintings, OK I'm kidding (not), but about the only thing that holds its value anymore is, artwork..?. ehhh I don't feel like rambling today, so......Quote:" The economy of Houston is so bad right now that two prostitutes the police arrested turned out to be virgins" Bill Abeel

Monday, January 26, 2009

Laundry Day

Well it is actually laundry day and its sucks, alright its not that bad and since our new home has a great (high efficiency) washer and dryer makes its almost OK . Makes me think back to when we were living in Brasil, we washed All of our laundry by hand in a special extra sink that is installed in alot of homes there, usually in the kitchen and if your lucky near a window!. (now that sucked!) But you couldn't get more efficient. I would like to preface today's Quote by saying I have been reading this great collection of writings by R.M. Kulicke. Passed to me by someone dear to me and at one point she studied with Kulicke. (Thank you I.C.) my As far as I know this has never been published and it appears to be a photocopy of his original typing with some hand written side notes. I was lucky enough to make a photocopy of this collection and find it to be very inspiring, full of truths. Funny how we find things as simple as truth inspiring, maybe we all should question what we are used to getting..??. Quote: "There is a quality of Character much rarer than intelligence or talent. I call it "intellectual honesty." By that term I mean the ability to not lie to yourself too often or for too long."

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Two Notches on the Ferrule

A few of my favorite Blogs (and one journal) have within the past couple months shown some vintage work of there's and I really enjoyed the "where did they come from" aspect of seeing these pieces. Seeing the influences of there budding art careers that are now, in my book inspiring others and probably getting there work copied for learning purposes. So Here are two from memory lane. The self -portrait is from my stay in Brasil ( I miss Brasil dearly) I had gotten the straw hat on a trip to Mohates (spelling?) and was in a funny mood when I painted this, and was very sad to leave this in hat in Brasil when we left. The still life is just that kinda boring in my book but I have always had a soft spot in my heart for academic realism and this was one of my many attempts at it. both are from 2006 I believe. Quote: "Early on, we all sell out, because we must; how else can we learn the spiritual poverty of "selling out" ." R.M. Kulicke

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Doot Doot Doot, painting out my back door.

This one is literally down the stairs from my home and looking left. The sun doesn't get to high this time of year here (I don't know how painters north of me deal with this) and this is was done around noon time with these crazy long shadows. There aren't to many places I can find to go with (now) 12"-18" of snow and the sides of the roads are covered with 3ft snow banks. So for the immediate future I'm roaming the yard. Quote:"To be an artist is just the same thing as to be a whore, as far as dependence on the whims and fancies of individuals is concerned" Dante Gabriel Rossetti 1828-1882. (he gives a great reason to call oneself a Painter instead of "an Artist")

Monday, January 19, 2009

Princess Leia and the Green Apples

These are Raqueles new headphones that she got for her birthday.(remember the cake-drop incident of 08?) because of the wonderful coloring when she wears them she looks like Princess Leia with green apples stuck to the side of her head instead of the hair buns. I would like to wish all a happy Martin Luther King Day, normally not a holiday that you wish a happy one to people but I think with inauguration day tomorrow we can be happy.!. I would like to send out a Happy Birthday to Paul Cezanne. He would be 170 years old today . Quote: "Fruits... Like having their portrait painted. They seem to ask your forgiveness for fading. Their thought is given off with their perfumes. They come with all their scents, they speak of the fields they have left, the rain that has nourished them, the daybreaks they have seen." Paul Cezanne.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009


It has a been a bit since my last post as I have been pretty sick. I won't go into details but it was bad, now its gone, (I Hope!) and thats Good. The new exhibit at Portland Museum of Art is of a Local Painter, Lynne Drexler (by local I mean Maine) I wont go into her whole story, that's for you to find. But I will tell you what besides her amazing colorful work inspired me, well after she past away in 1999 the house was emptied of her paintings to be cataloged and there were hundreds of large paintings, and has taken people years just to go through them all. Ms Drexler did this for herself and with no intention of showing. Don't get me wrong I'm pretty sure if someone walked up to her little house on Monhegan with hundreds of thousands she might have worked something out ..?. This is a self-portrait from this past month, that I had no plans of sharing with anyone that didn't happen to walk into my studio before it dried. This is not something I would normally consider finished but maybe that's a good thing. If you noticed the beard in the painting (its pretty hard to make out, I know) I think if you live here in the winter, the beard is a must. Quote "Tell the truth and run." Yugoslavian proverb. leave a comment and let me know what you think about any of this even about beards and winter..?.

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Christmas,New Year, and the Rembrandt Fairy.

Happy New Year to all ! I hope you all had a great Christmas or Holiday of your choosing. I personally had a Great time and think my family did also, even though we lost power about 20 mins into cooking the turkey. That lasted for about 2hrs I think.?. I did get some cool stuff for Christmas, the highlights are a new digi camera and an EasyL pro. I'm pretty stoked about both of them they make This much easier and even more enjoyable. I haven't been keeping many paintings lately, (wiping off) or even been letting them be until the Rembrandt Fairy has a chance to come and make my painting better! If any of you fellow painters have left a questionable painting out over night only to find it way better than what you thought, then you have been visited by the Rembrandt Fairy! This painting is from this morning, waiting for the sun to come up, and it did about 5 mins into painting it. Quote: "Sometimes I paint really fast. You go"" Arghhhh, look at that bit..."" and that's when you get a real excitement about an area that you've done. It's kind of aggressive. But when you get something right there is no better feeling. It's just a great feeling, that its right." Jenny Saville.