Monday, January 19, 2009

Princess Leia and the Green Apples

These are Raqueles new headphones that she got for her birthday.(remember the cake-drop incident of 08?) because of the wonderful coloring when she wears them she looks like Princess Leia with green apples stuck to the side of her head instead of the hair buns. I would like to wish all a happy Martin Luther King Day, normally not a holiday that you wish a happy one to people but I think with inauguration day tomorrow we can be happy.!. I would like to send out a Happy Birthday to Paul Cezanne. He would be 170 years old today . Quote: "Fruits... Like having their portrait painted. They seem to ask your forgiveness for fading. Their thought is given off with their perfumes. They come with all their scents, they speak of the fields they have left, the rain that has nourished them, the daybreaks they have seen." Paul Cezanne.


Colin Page said...

Hey Dan,

Nice post, and I like the headphones. That's a cool painting.

Thanks for the reminder of Cezanne's birthday too! I don't love all of his paintings, but I have seen some Cezanne's that are out of this world. Especially some of his watercolor landscapes. THere are so many great artists out there to learn from, and it's har dot remember to think of them all. Cezanne is one I could certainly keep in mind more often.

Hope all is well,


Frank Gardner said...

So, does that mean it is your birthday too?

Dan Corey said...

Thanks Colin, I have to admit total ignorance to Cezanne's watercolor work. But I will go search it out today. I also don't love his entire lifes work (that I've seen) but to me, he is one of the most interesting painters that I know of. Take care, Dan

Dan Corey said...

Hey Frank, yeah you got me, 33 man time flies.

Frank Gardner said...

Well... Happy darn Birthday to you Dan!!!!

I thought that I remembered that from your facts and fiction list and it was not the fake fact.

33.... I've got shirts older than that.
Well, maybe not, but almost.

Maybe you'll get a Moon Dagger or something for your birthday. Just hope it does not end up on the floor.

Best wishes for a great year!

Solvay said...

SHOOT!!! Frank wrote that Cezanne birthday dealio from your fun facts list before I got to. Frank's quick!
Happy Birthday.
I love that fruit quote!!!

And, I got the title/painting before reading the post --- very funny title-painting humor!

Happy MLK/Inauguration Day to you, too. An inauguration is always a fresh start, no matter who it is. Let's hope the Dems didn't just vote in their inexperienced poster child the same way the Reps voted in their inexperienced poster child 8 years ago. Fingers crossed in hope that superstition is unnecessary.
: )

Happy Birthday!

Dan Corey said...

huh now I don't feel bad about my t shirts that are older then me, haha Thanks Frank, as I speak the UPS person is outside..?. maybe a birthday delivery..??.......nope. anyway great detective work.

Dan Corey said...

Hey Solveg, Thank you for the B-day wishes, and I'm glad you like the Cezanne fruit quote. To me it shows the sensitivity and nature of a true painter, I love that quote and in wierd way it kinda went with todays post. I still have to get over to your blog and make a request. take care, Dan

Allison Currie said...

Being someone who also uses giant headphones I have to ask, does she, like me, enjoy the added benefit of "musical earmuffs" in winter walks? :P I don't own earmuffs precisely because I do own giant headphones. Just plug them into the little bitty MP3 player and have at it. :D

Dan Corey said...

Hey Allison, I think she would but we don't have sidewalks around where we live right now. But she is an I-pod maniac and just got a game on her Ipod that sounds like a Star wars light saber, and when she moves the ipod around it sounds like a light saber is moving around..?.

Solvay said...

Dan - I had so much trouble getting the songs to load, yesterday and the day before, when I added the songs. I got them all in a great order, and then when I tried to get it to load on the blog, it wouldn't. And, then, somehow, the list, though saved, was lost entirely and I had to do it all over again. Sadly, I didn't recreate the great sequence I felt like I'd gotten in there. So, now, they're just "thrown" on there - like Jackson Pollock, I guess.
: )
But, at least they LOADED this time. Glad you got there to hear it, and glad it's MUSIC TO YOUR EARS!
: )

Dan Corey said...

Thanks Solveg! sorry you had troubles! : Anybody reading this that doesn't know, Solvay's Blog has a great playlist that I like to click on when painting at home(and when not listening to public radio) check it out!