Thursday, November 19, 2009

Opening at Camden Falls Gallery Nov 22nd 5-7pm

Just a quick post and a real one to follow soon. This Sunday from 5-7pm at Camden Falls Gallery is the reception for my Monhegan Residency work.. This show is approx 20 pieces from various times during my stay on the Island. I placed a small numbering on the back of each of the 73 pieces, for example"3-4" means the 3rd day I was there and the fourth piece I painted that day.
I am very excited by the responses I have been hearing, great feedback and one even sold off the floor before hanging.
So if you can make it, please do.

Friday, November 6, 2009


I just recently returned from two great weeks in Mexico. Last year this "get together" was nicknamed "Paintapalooza" and was 12-13 of the countrys best (in my opinion) painters all meeting in Port Clyde, ME. This year the place to be was in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico right in Frank Gardners backyard and the name is "Creative Convergence". The final tally was 15 painters from all over the U.S. and this photo shows most of them so I will list them from left to right. Colin Page,Frank Gardner, Kevin McNamara, me, Ernesto Nemesio, Jeremy Lipking, Logan Hagege, Paul Shulenberg, Scott Burdick, Jerome Greene, Peter Kalill, Ignat Ignatov, and Marc Hanson. The man sitting in the center (name here when I remember) runs the ranch we were at. Not in the photo is Jeff Bonasia (he is taking the photo) and also Alexey Steele, he was on his way but not in Mexico at the time of photo.
We stayed for two weeks and painted the days away, slept very little, ate great food and in general had an amazing time with 14 other painters, all of whom I now call friends.. Thank you Frank and Julie ( Hi Erin! ) for putting up with us.. I'll be back..
This Photo is from a great day at Ranch (name of ranch here when I remember..?.) that included painting, horse riding (not for me), an authentic Enchiladas lunch that included black beans and an amazing Pico de Gallo that had cactus in it. The day started clear enough for the horse riding and some painting but eventually thunder and lightning moved all of us under a 15'x15 tin roof car port. Determined to make us comfortable the exceptionally nice ranch personnel started a small grill fire to cook corn in the husk to be served with a spicy salsa along with dragging out the beer cooler. We spent one and a half maybe two hours all chatting and eating and drinking. Good times!
Photos of paintings are in the works.. soon.
Quote: "Take solace in the example of Vincent van Gogh. Look at some of his early drawings -- they are dreadful, as if he were sketching with a potato. But how far he came, quite quickly, and what enormous heights he reaches."-- Danny Gregory