Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Oh Frosty...

Frosty 48x36" Now Available Email for more Info

So two Years after shooting the demo video which shows the start of Frosty HERE "Frosty" 48x36" (life size) is now ready for a new home.  I have grown quite attached to this piece as it was started three homes ago (maybe four.?.)  and has been a traveling companion..
 The story of this Frosty here is that he was built by the local kids during a freak, very early October snow storm. The snow that was stomped down and gathered from around him revealed still bright and saturated green grass. The face showing an intelligent "I know whats coming.." is just how the facial parts melted in place.

Merry Christmas!

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Yellow Vs Nature

Yellow vs Nature 12x9" SOLD
Here is a larger piece for my Etsy Gallery HERE
 A 12x9" of a beautiful yellow fire hydrant. I know, I know, fire hydrants are not beautiful.. But to plein air painters and probably people whose home is on fire, It is.

Saturday, October 19, 2013

Art in Maine

  This piece "Coastline" (all aboard) 24x30" was recently accepted into the "Art in ME" show at the BRAF in Boothbay Maine. This is the juried show that I was not accepted into two years ago, then won peoples choice and second place last year. Who knows what will happen this year.?. I'm just happy to be allowed to show. I havent shown this piece anywhere, saving it for this very show. Now its available. Thank you for stopping by.

"The meaning of life is to find your gift. The purpose of life is to give it away." Pablo Picasso

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Keep Life Happy (with Gumballs)

"Keep Life Happy (with gumballs) " 20x24
Well here we are again.. October.. Another summer, another year..

I'm very excited to finally say.. drum roll please 7/7/7/7/7/7/7/7/7/7/7/7/7/7/7... This piece "Keep Life Happy (with Gumballs)" is now available thru Coco Vivo Fine Art in Boothbay ME or their other location in lovely  Charleston SC. I know it's currently still in Boothbay so if you're here to peep the leaves (which you should be...) I would love it if you swing in and see all my new work on display there.

Friday, September 13, 2013

Quick Paint. Quick, paint!

 So this past week was thee second annual Camden Falls Plein Air Paint Out. This piece above was my quick paint entry, we had two hours to paint and I was packing up my easel when I heard the "One hour left" warning. I'm not sure what time vortex I entered to even apply this much paint in an hour but what a good time it was.  This piece ("Old Red Boat Shed" 16x20") was then sold at the "Quick paint Auction" first of two auctions in the week long event. (thank you "buyer"! you know who you are. )
 At the end of the week we had to select two pieces to go thru the final auction which worked out good cause I only had two that I was proud of and didn't wipe out.
 Now that the busiest part of the year is behind me I will post more, I almost promise.

Sunday, August 11, 2013

OK, I'll do It! Kinda.

Step one, Simple mass drawing. Not just objects but light and dark masses. 
 So for quite a long time now I have heard "do another video demo!" "blah blah" " Blah etc blah". Well I'm not doing another one of those til I learn the soft ware well enough to make it the way I think it should be done (or hire Martin Scorsese) so til then.. here is a progression shot demo of "Recession" 30x30". one of my favorite pieces done in the last year. My paintings have changed over the years and one of the best things about that is not having a set way of attack.  By that i mean if you try to achieve a goal thru different means you will probably end up with different results. If you are trying to learn and grow then taking a different path is the only way to get there. where ever the hell "there" is.. There is nothing wrong with the hard road, it's still a good option.

Step two: Massing, massing massing.. oh massing how i love you.. 

guess i got caught up and forgot to take an in between photo..
anyway, dividing the masses up, trying to not break apart the  value structure or  distract from the "Big Picture".
If you are gonna place a brushstroke/mark that breaks up a mass, make sure its worth it and is paying rent for the real estate its taking up.. 

Don't Judge me..

Step 3,146, almost there.. 

Recession 30x30" now available at Camden Falls Gallery
UPDATE: This piece was recently chosen as a finalist in Raymar Art Contest. Yay

Monday, July 29, 2013


"Contrast" 14x11, avail at Camden Falls Gallery
As I write this post I am preparing for some private painting lessons with a favorite student and thinking of our talking points to help them get back into their groove. So I thought, maybe Ill share a conversation starter here for those of you who still feel like you are learning or are more advanced in your painting journey but in a funk.

Like the title for this piece, "Contrast" if your piece is about contrast then let everything in it live or die to support that contrast. To heck with whats actually there, make your painting. Pardon my french.

disclaimer : the above writing is just to spark and inspire. Now go paint.

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

A Mixed Color On The Palette Is Worth Two In The Tube..

Morning Light, 11x14, available at Maine Art Gallery

These two paintings have a lot of the same colors albeit different temperatures and quantities. A true colorist knows his specific colors are worthless, its the related ones that are priceless.

These two pieces are available now thru Maine Art Gallery in Kennebunk. 

Old White, 16x20, available at Maine Art Gallery

Monday, July 22, 2013

Gallery News!!

Browns Boat Yard 16x20" (plein air) available now at Hopkins Wharf Gallery

I am very happy to announce my new representation with Hopkins Wharf Gallery on North Haven Island (just off the Rockland coast in midcoast Maine).  This beautiful, rustic gallery elegantly displays its select artists in a spatious and comfortable manner. I am thrilled to be there and honored to have my work hung with some great artists in such a beautiful gallery. I would love it if you would stop in if you are in the area.  FYI, One of the more famous artists who summered on this lovely island is Frank Benson. Ever heard of him?

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Sharing is Caring..

Lobster Wall 24x30 avail

 As the summer sets in and this years paintings get shared, I wonder which ones I'll miss the most.
Some collectors will take the time to write and let me know how some of my work is doing. Thank you to those people.

Quote: "The worst thing you can do if you miss or need someone is let them know it" Sarah Dessen

Quote 2: "Sometimes the hardest part isn't letting go but learning to start over" Nichole Sobon

Both quotes apply to painting, I'm sure of it.

Thursday, June 27, 2013

Blossoms on Summer St

Blossom 20x20" available at Maine Art (link in upper right of non mobile site)
 Springtime was when I strolled onto Summer St here in Rockland. It was a perfect day weather wise.

Quote: "March on. Do not tarry. To go forward is to move toward perfection. March on, and fear not the thorns, or the sharp stones on life's path." Khalil Gibran

Saturday, June 22, 2013

Summer Girls

Summer Girls 24x30 avail 
  This piece, "Summer Girls" started as a sketch last summer and finally found its way to a full sized, organized, contributing member of my little painting society. For about half a year it stayed on my wall with a dark foreground shadow that really seemed to make you look past the figures and not let the background read as land receding into the distance.
 So I asked advice from an Artist friend of mine who has been in the trenches with bad paintings and survived, the response lead me to this composition.  You know who you are, Thanks!
 Sometimes the answer to compositional problems is removing, not adding and definitely not adding details! Happy Summer everyone!

Saturday, June 8, 2013

We Owe

"We Owe Joe" 20x24" is now available at Camden Falls Gallery (link in upper right hand side of blog).
 If you would like to keep up with my summer and day to day painting adventures please check out my Facebook PAGE . I post photos (like below) of my easel/paintings in progress or completed. I will also post where I'm painting some days if you want to come visit or paint with. Thanks for stopping by

Quote "I consider myself a farmer of patterns" Alexander Golizki

Monday, June 3, 2013

Tangerine Dream

Tangerine Dream, 12x12, available
Shapes.. Some are so much more pleasing than others.

Quote: "A beauty is a woman you notice; a charmer is one who notices you." Adlai E. Stevenson

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Life, You Are Never Ready For It

 One thing my Grandfather "Gramp" told me once was "You are never ready for it". At the time this advice was topic specific but I now see and realized in the moments after hearing of his passing that this was a universal truth. We can prepare, worry and fret but we are never truly ready. This makes giving 110% that much more important for success.

 Gramp was the backbone of my family and responsible for the setting in my youth where most of my best memories play out. Thank you Gramp! You will be missed

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Mud Season

Mud Season 24x30" Available 
 Finally Spring has taken hold here in Midcoast Maine! After a way too long winter, I am ready.. The grass is getting greener and the mud is not so muddy anymore.
 This piece "Mud Season" 24x30" is being delivered today along with ten other new pieces to Camden Falls Gallery in Camden ME. Their link is on the upper right hand corner of this blog and look em up on Facebook if that's something you do.

I usually quote other artists here but think as the outdoor painting season is getting underway I will try something else. Maybe some technical paint questions and excerpts from my own teaching.

Lets start with a question shall we? Do you know what the handling difference between oils used to bind your pigment does to your painting experience? example Sunflower (Safflower) oil vs Linseed oil.  I know what experience differences I feel and would like to know your experiences with the different oils. If you are not comfortable commenting with your own name please feel free to "anonymous" comment. Just comment.

oh yeah.. within the next two weeks my Etsy store will close. If you have been thinking of jumping on one of the very low priced pieces there, get on it. Etsy will be closed as I will be too busy to keep it up and the pieces will be out and prices back to normal. Thank you to those who visited and purchased from my Etsy. I truly appreciate it.

Monday, April 29, 2013

Odds & Ends

Chariots of Fire, 6x8, NFS

Current, 6x8" available
This post I just wanted to share a few little pieces that I did when I moved into my new studio this past winter. I was in a weird place mentally and was just painting everything in front of me without any major thought included. This subject free painting is seemingly where I would like to be going forward with larger work. Just exploring the abstract shapes and how they fit into my chosen canvas size/shape.
 A little about each piece, all 6x8" by the way. Top, that is just a fun sketch of my friend Colin's car parked next to mine on one of my first winter paint outings up here in Rockland. The middle, a box of my "current" paints. I have a larger box of paints (except when running low) and keep the ones I'm currently using separated so they are easier to find and what not.
 Finally the scissors, hard to see in this photo (and hard to believe If you are familiar with my love of Pthalo) there is a really fun subtle gray harmony around these simple scissors that are based off relative warm n cool. This overall blue gray is turned on, color wise by the orange handles. As I heard (paraphrasing) from really great painter and friend Eric Merrell." Make your painting about something, not of something." (sorry if i messed up the quote Eric..)
Skizzers, 8x6" available

Monday, April 22, 2013

Figures For You

Flirt, 8x6"


Attention, 8x6"

Color Scuro, approx 10x15"

Away, 4x3" (yes, very small piece) SOLD
Here is a fresh grouping of figure pieces from my ongoing quick sketch figure series. The practice has led me to a pretty comfortable place with my paints and a clock ticking. To anyone interested in materials I have been using Bainbridge illustration board  (cold press surface) coated with a few layers of liquitex gesso or watered down Utrecht gesso (the Utrecht is really heavy bodied). To help the paint move faster I use my "Ducksauce" medium recipe which is 50/50 Liquin and Gamsol. 
If you are looking for a good deal on the Bainbridge board, Utrecht has it for a decent price especially when combined with their always available "40% OFF" one item coupon.. 

All these pieces are available Unframed thru my Etsy Gallery/Store . here is a LINK 
Please feel free to leave a comment (I appreciate the feedback) or send a link to a friend that may be interested in my work. Thank you for stopping by!

Quote: "Life is truly known only to those who suffer, lose, endure adversity and stumble from defeat to defeat."
   Anais Nin

Quote 2 : "Education is an ornament in prosperity and a refuge in adversity" Aristotle
Reach, approx 8x10 SOLD

Friday, April 5, 2013

Back And Forth, The Story of a Rockturne

Back & Forth 24x20" available

set up for Rockturne 3/13

 This Blog post is dedicated to Evan Hopkins who died very tragically this past week. Evan was only twenty years old and probably just figuring out this thing called life that most of us complain about. Please take this tragic loss and consider reevaluating your time, go get "it". Whatever "it" is, grab it and don't let go..

 So recently I went out into the Rockland night, in search of a subject to paint. Truth be told these ferry terminals have been catching my eye since seeing the beautiful way they are lit up at night. My Maine man and friend Colin Page also lit these terminals up in a very inspiring way. Check the link.
 So thought I would see what I could do. Just about as soon as i set up to paint and took the photo below, two guys come walking up who seemed to live in the boat yard. Obviously enjoying the open local bar scene recently.. One of whom was very drunk and i could hear a mile away. The drunker wobbly one starts loudly saying "gyou chant paahk there" "Gyou chant Jsht paahk anywheah" from about 50 feet away. So I take my headphone out. (only wear one headphone people, it can save you from a drunk slobbering on you..) turn around to listen to a little more til he gets about 20 feet away.  I asked him if he is sure and I accidentally shot him my painters squint... (insert "The Good The Bad and The Ugly whistle in here) Now this apparently was enough to trick him into believing I was tough. He went on after trying to focus on me for a minute then asked if i was making a "Picture". Then mumbled, said good night and wobbled away... As they disappeared into the boat yard like two zombies I thought to myself. "My first Nocturne attempt in Rockland and I get fucked with in the first five minutes" then I thought "good thing they recognized my ninja skills before it was too late".. "for them" . ha! I hope you have enjoyed this ridiculous story.


Friday, March 22, 2013

Door County Plein Air, The Sequel!

Paperback Reader, 20x20, sold
 I almost forgot to report the good news.. I was invited for the second year in a row to participate in the week long plein air painting event in Door County WI, hosted by the Peninsula School. This is by far the most organized and well attended event I have ever been part of especially considering its an entire week long. The roster of participating artists last year was impressive, I cant wait to see who this years event will include.
 This piece ("Paperback Reader" 20x20') was painted last year and sold very quickly the first night of being available. I still wonder if the recipient (bought as a gift) enjoyed it.?.  Hope so.

Quote: "Somewhere in the course of their career, artists must learn not  merely to despise everything which is not entirely theirs, but must rid themselves completely of this blind fanaticism which drives us to imitate the great masters and swear only by their works.... One must learn to be grateful for one's own findings: a handful of naive inspiration is better than anything else."
      Eugene Delacroix

Friday, March 15, 2013

Longer Pose, Slightly Longer.

"M" #2,12x12, available

"M" #1, 12x12, available
"Location, location, location!!" is something you always hear in business but in Art? My new studio location is central to a few great figure drawing groups, this actually costs me money so it cant be good business.. right? Well the inspiration to venture in to more figure based work has been strong and may end up being a focus. I cant wait to see where this leads.
  The figure groups vary from multi pose quick sketch which you can see in some recent posts to longer pose that lasts for about two hours.  These two are of a local model, one quick one showing more body and as the pose settled in I went in for the close up. Trying  to get the facial expression our model had with the more relaxed feel to the pose. Both are 12x12" and available if you are interested. Just comment or email me. I Gotta pay for all this model work.. Thank you for stopping by.

Quote: "Creativity requires courage."
 Henry Heimlich
 (yes the inventor of the Heimlich maneuver )

Saturday, March 9, 2013

Lets Go Spring! Chop Chop!

Stacked 10x8" available

Wiscasset Blue, 8x10", available

Today's sun showed signs of spring, the slightly higher in the sky position, slightly warmer light. Sun lingering a little longer before it says goodnight.. sigh... I miss a good warm day. one where your paint is firm but soft to the brush. you open your palette box and the linseed oil in your paint has been simmering on low for an hour while you drive to a location that has parking because all the plowed snow on the road side has melted. "Lire des romans sur la plage, se bronzer!"
 OK, I might be getting a little ahead of the weather here but if I can't daydream about the weather, who can?

These two reminders of brighter days are available for a price, a special price.. My workshop demo price..In my Etsy Gallery

Quote: "Respect the reason your painting was interrupted." Antonio Lopez Garcia

Monday, March 4, 2013

Snow Balls

Snow Balls, 20x16" available soon

So recently in my  search for shapes and colors I came across a slurry of Buoy Balls on a snowy hill in Rockport. In the excitement that the abstract design, colors and sunny day brought I forgot to properly plan.. The resulting painting from that day has been a project I'm still working on. I am so into this piece and the color in it, building up layers like nothing I have done before.. I have gone back to paint these Buoy Balls numerous times, exploring the cast shadow shapes for pattern and searching for more colors. The project piece is a pretty large canvas that I will hopefully be showing soon. Till then here is "Snow Balls" 20x16".

Quote: "I found I could say things with color and shapes that I couldn't say any other way, things I had no words for." Georgia O'keeffe

"Art must take reality by surprise." Francoise Sagan

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Square Where? Over here.

Roll of The Farm 12x12" two. Diptych, available

Looking Up, 12x12" available
BIW, The Maine Crane, 12x12" available

If you were hoping I would add some new pieces, today is the day..
 Here are three new pieces for you to consider. One is a Diptych of two 12x12"s and two are 12x12". I will have a regular rambling post up in a day or two. So come on back.

quote: "Art is the only way to run away without leaving home" Twyla Tharp

Saturday, February 23, 2013

Ground Control to Major Tom

 So one of the first pieces I painted in my new studio is this still life. The studio is north lit which is new for me. I have usually ended up with south and east facing windows in my studios. this can be good and bad depending on what your going for. Luckily, I want to be able to recreate all lighting situations and the new one is "north".
"Studio, So Still" 10x20" available

So another recommendation from a trusted friend, I was urged to contact Utrecht and show them this painting. Thinking that they may want to use it, buy it..?. who knows? So I did. I know, I spread good news here like its bird seed but this one ends anticlimactically.. They have ignored my emails (or i just tried the wrong people??) of just asking who I should contact at Utrecht.. So believing fully in my friends recommendation that someone at Utrecht should see this piece I have taken to the streets here ( virtual bloggish streets) to ask if any of you know someone at Utrecht and If you do can you tell them to look at this piece.?. If they are interested, I will accept payment in the form of Titanium White in large tubes or cans.. :))

Quote: "The Day is coming when a single carrot freshly observed will set off a revolution."
   Paul Cezanne

Saturday, February 16, 2013

Out N About

All Aboard, Study, 11x14, available
All Aboard, 24x30" available

So recently a good friend told me that there was a place I could go to paint and there would be a train parked there.. So I went. Just when I was about done with the Plein Air piece 11x14" (see top photo) the clouds rolled in. This was the beginning of  a recent big snow storm you might have heard something about..
 The photo below is a very bad photo of the studio piece (24x30") from my small plein air piece, photo and imagination. I froze painting this.. As I type this, more snow is falling. Fun!

Quote: "It is good for young people to have a model, but they should forego looking at the model while they paint. " Paul Gauguin

If you are interested, there are still a handful of very modestly priced pieces for sale in my Etsy Gallery Store. The link for this store is in the upper right hand corner of this blog.

Thank you for stopping by!!

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Once, Twice, Four Times a Lady

Balanced, 6x8"available
Nap Time, 6x8" available
Wobble, 6x8", available

 Here are four more figure pieces that I have for sale at an extremely modest price. $40. each. just email me @painter 03 @ yahoo . com (spaced to elude spam bots) and i will get your choice right out to you. these are all painted on heavy archival paper that I have coated with a few coats of high quality gesso.
  As always there are still some pieces to view on my Etsy Store Gallery and a Sale for the next couple days at my gallery in Camden, Camden Falls Gallery. Both have links in the upper right hand corner of the blog.


"Get back to the joy of painting and trust that all you need to know is within you."

"Good things come when one no longer cares about pleasing anyone else."

both quotes are by Ken Kewley. 
Sphinx, 6x8", available are four more 

Friday, February 8, 2013

Recline, Shovel, Recline Shovel Repeat

Fainting, 6x8", SOLD

 I type this as snow falls for what is supposed to be the "Blizzard of The Century" this sounded ominous  when I first heard that title till I remembered that this century is only about a dozen years old.. Like anything mundane we must try to make it Art and in any good art there is drama. The weather people are definitely trying to be weather artists.

 So while you may still have electricity and while I do, thought I would post a few more of my on going efforts in quick pose figure sketching. Reclining foreshortened poses like these are enough to make most all figure drawing/painters go bananas. Only tip i can give (that may actually help) is measure your shadow shapes and try not to be tricked by common knowledge of form. You are looking for the uncommon and original shapes that a human form creates.
   Like the last post, all of these are 6x8" and for sale for a modest price of $40. each. If you are interested please contact me at painter03 at yahoo. com. again, spaced to avoid spam bots. (I had to further disguise my email by taking away the @ symbol.. I was spam attacked within half an hour of this post going up.) Thank you for stopping by, stay warm !
Upside Down, 6x8",available
Sunday Afternoon,6x8",available