Saturday, February 23, 2013

Ground Control to Major Tom

 So one of the first pieces I painted in my new studio is this still life. The studio is north lit which is new for me. I have usually ended up with south and east facing windows in my studios. this can be good and bad depending on what your going for. Luckily, I want to be able to recreate all lighting situations and the new one is "north".
"Studio, So Still" 10x20" available

So another recommendation from a trusted friend, I was urged to contact Utrecht and show them this painting. Thinking that they may want to use it, buy it..?. who knows? So I did. I know, I spread good news here like its bird seed but this one ends anticlimactically.. They have ignored my emails (or i just tried the wrong people??) of just asking who I should contact at Utrecht.. So believing fully in my friends recommendation that someone at Utrecht should see this piece I have taken to the streets here ( virtual bloggish streets) to ask if any of you know someone at Utrecht and If you do can you tell them to look at this piece.?. If they are interested, I will accept payment in the form of Titanium White in large tubes or cans.. :))

Quote: "The Day is coming when a single carrot freshly observed will set off a revolution."
   Paul Cezanne


jenny anderson said...

Im not sure, but I do know a painter that works at Utrecht in Milwaukee. Mike Neilson. He is my friend on FB . I do know that they do have a contest to show your work in their catalog.
Goof Luck!!

Matthew Holt said...

Sweet, Dan! Where'd you find that metallic silver paint that you used on the cans? (: All kidding aside, nice clean colors and feeling of your studio light.

Dan Corey said...

Hi Jenny, thank you! I'm not sure entering a painting with their product ithe painting wouldn't be a conflict of interest when awarding cash prizes..?. I would rather just connect with them, leaving the contests for those that find worth in them.

Dan Corey said...

Hey Matt, ha! Yes it's a big tube of shiny paint I keep for shiny objects. :)) thank you!!

Mick Carney said...

Don't the people recommend a north light as being the most consistent throughout the day, therefore the ideal for a studio?

Can't be of any help with Utrecht unless you mean the Netherlands. Another gem of a painting.

Dan Corey said...

Hey Mick! Yes, North is supposed to the "best" . I usually get bored to death viewing North lit paintings though.. We'll see!!