Sunday, February 3, 2013

Three Of A Kind

Three of a kind 6x12, available
 So recently I started attending the local figure groups in the area. This piece "Three of a Kind" 6x12" was a  three successive poses of the same pose and the model rotated every five minutes. I am loving the lack of time that a five minute pose causes. All other concerns besides "the essentials" fly out the window and you just step on the gas. I will be selling these short poses, mostly on gessoed, archival heavy paper on my Etsy store. This one happens to be canvas covered board. The link to my Etsy store is in the upper right hand corner of the blog.

 If you visited the Etsy recently you may notice half of the gallery is missing." My virtual walls are bare!!" you might say.. well, if there was something you were contemplating let me know. I have to pay fees to keep that store open and list so if it didn't get that many views, off it went..


Mick Carney said...

Trying hard to find a life class for myself at the minute, it promotes real responsive technique and you demonstrate that here. More good stuff.

Dan Corey said...

Thanks Mick! Yeah, I love being able to attend the groups I do. I either leave with a bunch of usefull studies or shaking my head planning my attack for next week.

Kyle Martin said...

Love all of these. You've got the poem here!

Dan Corey said...

hey Kyle!, thank you! they are all on one 6"x12" canvas board. So getting three in a row that workerd out like this is so rare. I might just keep it..