Friday, February 8, 2013

Recline, Shovel, Recline Shovel Repeat

Fainting, 6x8", SOLD

 I type this as snow falls for what is supposed to be the "Blizzard of The Century" this sounded ominous  when I first heard that title till I remembered that this century is only about a dozen years old.. Like anything mundane we must try to make it Art and in any good art there is drama. The weather people are definitely trying to be weather artists.

 So while you may still have electricity and while I do, thought I would post a few more of my on going efforts in quick pose figure sketching. Reclining foreshortened poses like these are enough to make most all figure drawing/painters go bananas. Only tip i can give (that may actually help) is measure your shadow shapes and try not to be tricked by common knowledge of form. You are looking for the uncommon and original shapes that a human form creates.
   Like the last post, all of these are 6x8" and for sale for a modest price of $40. each. If you are interested please contact me at painter03 at yahoo. com. again, spaced to avoid spam bots. (I had to further disguise my email by taking away the @ symbol.. I was spam attacked within half an hour of this post going up.) Thank you for stopping by, stay warm !
Upside Down, 6x8",available
Sunday Afternoon,6x8",available


Kyle Martin said...

Love these batches of new work that you are posting. You are really making it interesting and engaging to view your work. Love that you are charging some serious rent to any stroke breaking into your initial shape. You are on fire, and it's a blizzard!!!

Matthew Holt said...

These are really great, Dan. Enjoying your figure series you've got going. I see you survived the blizzard and had a chance to get out there and paint the aftermath!

Dan Corey said...

ha! hey Kyle, thank you! I hope i can live up to that generous assessment. I agree, there is a Blizzard.

Hey Matt, yes, i made it thru to the other side! It was a doozy of a storm though..