Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Figure Sketch Du Jour

"Who Me?" 6x8" available
 Three more pieces in my current affair with figure sketching. All of these are 6x8" on gessoed archival card stock like paper.  To give a better idea of the color the ones with background showing are on white. Ive come to the conclusion that if I expose these images to that level you get brush stroke glare and lose the color. Damned if you do, damned if you don't..?.  I would be posting all of these in my Etsy Store but like i said in the last post, putting these up for sale there costs money and at one point I had about 40 items for sale. So the gallery is thinned down to a reasonable amount of work on display. I will be adding new work regularly just not five at a time.
 So, these three, 6x8"s, Oil on paper are priced at $40. each. if you are interested email me at painter03@ yahoo dot com. That email is spaced and spelled out so the spam bots don't flood me with spam.
 For the record, I wasn't gonna post these for sale but a trusted friend saw them and suggested it.  

Quote: "The living model, the naked body of a woman, is the privileged seat of feeling, but also of questioning.... The model must mark you, awaken in you an emotion which you seek in turn to express." Henri Matisse
"Posed" 6x8" available

"Ponder" 6x8" available



Nice figure work.....especially the color relationships. Unfussy. Direct. Clean. I like your approach.

Dan Corey said...

Thank you Darrell!

Sergio DS said...

Beautiful sketches!

Dan Corey said...

thank you very much Sergio!