Friday, September 21, 2012


 At the moment i don't have too much to blog about.. I am currently working thru another wiping out phase.. These bouts of wiping off paintings seem to be coming more frequent and with stronger winds (figuratively). i used to really loathe these times and not wish them on my worst enemy but now i just put down the sails and row. "If the wind doesn't blow, row row row."

This Painting, "Recession" 30x30 is the result of coming out of my last wiping phase. they usually help in the long run.

Recession 30x30 available at Camden Falls Gallery
 One thing I would love to share with you is a great book (I listened to it on Audible dot com) "The War of Art" the ideas expressed in this book are great for putting your ass in gear and its pretty cheap. Let me know if you like it when you read or hear it. Happy Rowing!

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Harvest Moon

Harvest Moon 30x24 available

With the recent crisping and cooling of the air here in Maine my favorite time of year is just about here! Just last night a strong wind and rain storm scattering leaves announcing the coming of the king of seasons, fall.  I will miss the steady sun of summer but the poetry of fall cannot be matched. In my opinion.

So this piece "Harvest Moon" 30x24" (available) has an interesting color harmony that is one of my favorites! This is the kind of color in works that are among my favorites. It is relationship based instead of local color based. This type of relationship based painting tends to fail for me and others i have seen when you lose the guts to take it too completion and say to yourself  (in a whiny voice) "no it cant be that color, people will think i cant see properly if i use that!! "

"Be Bold, Be Brave!" Simon De Pury

Friday, September 7, 2012

Workshop and Climbing

Later this month I will be teaching a workshop in Kennebunk Maine thru River Tree Arts.
This should be a great time with plenty of demos and hands on brush learning.
 For more info click HERE.

The Piece shown titled "Climbing" was a fun piece for me.
Getting into the pure abstract shapes of clouds and looking up at a different subject every two - five
 minutes is really a test in aesthetics and speed.
The piece in real life is a little more subtle in the color. i still let the color fly but depending on your
monitor it can pop a little too much.

The study of clouds is almost like studying a really slow wave.
 Always moving, shape shifting and in open areas casting different shadow patterns.

Climbing 30x24" available @ Camden Falls Gallery

Sunday, September 2, 2012

Camden Falls Paint Out


Well, I finally remembered my password to sign in to Blogger.. I'm kidding. I ended up being pretty busy and then realized, I haven't posted in about a month.. Sorry bloggees. 
 The image above is a quick phone shot of my 20x20" piece "Lady in Waiting" (Angelique). This piece was my contribution to the Camden Falls Gallery Paint Out (wet paint auction). This is the first year of this fund raising event and hopefully not the last. I hada blast meeting uo with some local painting frineds and meeting new ones. 
 Thank you to the staff of Camden Falls for making this event work even though the weather threw quite a monkey wrench into the plans with some pretty heavy rain. The rain ended two minutes after the event started and the auction was moved. Figures.
 The talent pool was very strong. So even with lackluster weather, this caused more then a few heated bidding battles for pieces. Always fun to watch. I can't wait to see who signs up next year.