Sunday, September 2, 2012

Camden Falls Paint Out


Well, I finally remembered my password to sign in to Blogger.. I'm kidding. I ended up being pretty busy and then realized, I haven't posted in about a month.. Sorry bloggees. 
 The image above is a quick phone shot of my 20x20" piece "Lady in Waiting" (Angelique). This piece was my contribution to the Camden Falls Gallery Paint Out (wet paint auction). This is the first year of this fund raising event and hopefully not the last. I hada blast meeting uo with some local painting frineds and meeting new ones. 
 Thank you to the staff of Camden Falls for making this event work even though the weather threw quite a monkey wrench into the plans with some pretty heavy rain. The rain ended two minutes after the event started and the auction was moved. Figures.
 The talent pool was very strong. So even with lackluster weather, this caused more then a few heated bidding battles for pieces. Always fun to watch. I can't wait to see who signs up next year.


Mick Carney said...

You are such a miss when you are not posting and this is a great piece. Did it sell? Hope your recent travels produced some good stuff.


I like this piece!

Dan Corey said...

Hey Mick, yes it did sell and I will post some more recent pieces soon. Now that I'm done traveling I'm finally getting to settle into the new studio space from moving a couple months ago. This should yield more posts. Hopefully.

Hi Darrell, thank you! I'm always checking your blog and loving it!

maxdog said...

Dan, this is beautiful.

Matthew Holt said...

Cool piece, Dan! Been missing your posts in the blog-o-sphere...good to see one!

Dan Corey said...

Hi Maxdog (B), thank you!!

Hey Matt, there will be more soon. I promise. Thank you!!