Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Better Photos?

One of the things with this blog that I have been working on (and working on) has been my photos. To be completely honest I have put off many a post due to frustration with the pics. I finally feel like I have got something that is good enough for you you to click on and see some of the brushwork and it "shouldn't" look like crayon soup. please let me know how they look and if you think its an improvement.
The top painting is of the "Galley Wagon" in Rockland ME and the bottom is another self-portrait from the end of the year. If you are interested in "Galley Wagon or any others on here, feel free to contact me.
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Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Cape Cod Museum of Art

This week I was gonna drive 4 1/2 hours each way to deliver my "Mexico" work to Addison Art Gallery and The Cape Cod Museum of Art but the strong threat of a two day snow storm made me rethink.. So I shipped them. The two pictured here are the two that will be on display at the Museum, the top is an 8x10 view from the balcony of the house we all stayed in, the lower is a 16x20 from probably my favorite area to paint in San Miguel, I don't know the exact name but its right near the "Old San Miguel" church..
I will post the ones going to the gallery soon for now the paint is calling... Happy New year All!
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