Thursday, February 16, 2012

Rounding The Corner

Sometimes I'm into the blog and sometimes Im not. Lately I have been caught up in the preseason routine of deep thought and land snorkeling. This routine is something I try to escape all the time but it finds me, puts me in a head lock and takes my lunch money every once in a while. I'm finding the more I do this the deeper the level of "what I'm saying" in my paintings is apparent. At first I swore that "saying something" in a painting was for the rich kids in art school. Well, I'm admitting it here..I get it now.. Sorry rich kids! Nothing personal.

Speaking of personal, in case you didn't see the post I finally started a website to abuse and ignore. On that website under "Candids in Instagram" will let you see images like the one above on my Instagram account without having to have an Apple product such as an IPhone. IPhones are usually the only way you can see instagram.