Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Creative Convergence Opening Feb 12th & 13th

This Friday and Saturday (Feb 12th and 13th) are the two Receptions for the Creative Convergence painting trip I was part of this past fall. Friday will be at the Cape Cod Museum of Art, and Saturday will be at the Addison Art Gallery, both in Orleans MA. So plan on being there... I heard there may be Margaritas........?...
Also check out this months Issue of American Art Collector (issue #52) , there is coverage of the trip and a bunch of photos of the guys and their paintings. (If you look real close on page 123 on the bottom right of the bottom right photo you cans see my tripod and a glimpse of my left hand.) I still don't believe I was able to be part of such an experience.... I've said it a couple times but THANK YOU! to all the 14 other guys on this trip for making me feel welcome and especially Frank Gardner his wife Juli for making Mexico feel like home. See you at the Opening!
Quote: “I never decided at all to be an artist; being an artist seems to have happened to me.”Anne Truitt
Quote #2 (bonus!) "The painter makes real to others his innermost feelings about all that he cares for. A secret becomes known to everyone who views the picture through the intensity with which it is felt."Lucien Freud.

sizes of these pieces are in order top to bottom, 11x14, 6x8,8x10, 8x10.

Thursday, February 4, 2010

TideMark Gallery Two Man Show

This Saturday is the reception for the two man show at Tidemark Gallery in Waldoboro ME, titled "Ralph Bush and Daniel Corey Paint Monhegan". Ralph's work is great example of what a loaded brush and knowing how to use can do for a strong composition. (Ralph, Great work!)
Our paths crossed there for about two weeks this past summer at the end of my residency. Even though we didn't exactly paint together, the Island is small enough that many ways you are always painting together. I am honored to be in a show with Ralph and back to the Tidemark, (home of my first one man show) Thank you for having me back!
This piece is a 24x36 of Fish Beach and is my first studio piece of the New Year and the paint is THICK in spots, definitely had fun painting this one. If your in the area swing into The Tidemark this Saturday the 6th, between 5-7 pm and check it out.
Quote:"Doubtless there are things in nature which have not yet been seen. If an artist discovers them, he opens the way for his successors. If I have left something unsaid, they will say it." Paul Cezanne