Monday, February 24, 2014

Ice Float Lobster Boat

Ice Float 12x12 SOLD
So this winter has turned out to be a very busy one project wise. (more on the projects soon) Which has kept me from blog updating regularly but do not fear.. I am here and with a new post and new small work for your consideration! This piece "Ice Float Lobster Boat" (fun to say) 12x12" is from a local harbor here near my home. Maybe you've heard of it.?. "Rockport Harbor". The Water reflecting the warm sky that lost its sun and the semi distant snow covered hills made this a "must try" subject..

  Like the other minis I'm posting on my Etsy HERE it is specially priced. This piece was fun to paint, trying to use intense colors while keeping it a peaceful painting was a challenge. I like to look for subtle excitement or loud peace..

Quote: "Because I write very simply, but inside the simplicity, there's a lot of subtlety. Thats what Im proud of." Ben Folds