Sunday, August 11, 2013

OK, I'll do It! Kinda.

Step one, Simple mass drawing. Not just objects but light and dark masses. 
 So for quite a long time now I have heard "do another video demo!" "blah blah" " Blah etc blah". Well I'm not doing another one of those til I learn the soft ware well enough to make it the way I think it should be done (or hire Martin Scorsese) so til then.. here is a progression shot demo of "Recession" 30x30". one of my favorite pieces done in the last year. My paintings have changed over the years and one of the best things about that is not having a set way of attack.  By that i mean if you try to achieve a goal thru different means you will probably end up with different results. If you are trying to learn and grow then taking a different path is the only way to get there. where ever the hell "there" is.. There is nothing wrong with the hard road, it's still a good option.

Step two: Massing, massing massing.. oh massing how i love you.. 

guess i got caught up and forgot to take an in between photo..
anyway, dividing the masses up, trying to not break apart the  value structure or  distract from the "Big Picture".
If you are gonna place a brushstroke/mark that breaks up a mass, make sure its worth it and is paying rent for the real estate its taking up.. 

Don't Judge me..

Step 3,146, almost there.. 

Recession 30x30" now available at Camden Falls Gallery
UPDATE: This piece was recently chosen as a finalist in Raymar Art Contest. Yay


Kyle Martin said...

Hi Dan,
Undeniably sweet demo here! Way to use the colors that you want to. I haven't been on your blog for a couple of weeks, it is really great to catch back up with your work. Your abstraction, your color, it really is where it's at.

violetta said...

You are making the colors sing! Beautiful, thank you.

Dan Corey said...

Kyle, thank you so much! means a lot coming from you.

hi Violetta, no, Thank you!

barbarastroud said...

Congrats Dan! Love the progression shots of this painting... great work, as always!!

Dan Corey said...

hi Barbara! thank you!!