Friday, March 15, 2013

Longer Pose, Slightly Longer.

"M" #2,12x12, available

"M" #1, 12x12, available
"Location, location, location!!" is something you always hear in business but in Art? My new studio location is central to a few great figure drawing groups, this actually costs me money so it cant be good business.. right? Well the inspiration to venture in to more figure based work has been strong and may end up being a focus. I cant wait to see where this leads.
  The figure groups vary from multi pose quick sketch which you can see in some recent posts to longer pose that lasts for about two hours.  These two are of a local model, one quick one showing more body and as the pose settled in I went in for the close up. Trying  to get the facial expression our model had with the more relaxed feel to the pose. Both are 12x12" and available if you are interested. Just comment or email me. I Gotta pay for all this model work.. Thank you for stopping by.

Quote: "Creativity requires courage."
 Henry Heimlich
 (yes the inventor of the Heimlich maneuver )

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Anonymous said...

I was there, Dan, and I think you've really captured well the likeness of our inscrutable subject!