Saturday, March 9, 2013

Lets Go Spring! Chop Chop!

Stacked 10x8" available

Wiscasset Blue, 8x10", available

Today's sun showed signs of spring, the slightly higher in the sky position, slightly warmer light. Sun lingering a little longer before it says goodnight.. sigh... I miss a good warm day. one where your paint is firm but soft to the brush. you open your palette box and the linseed oil in your paint has been simmering on low for an hour while you drive to a location that has parking because all the plowed snow on the road side has melted. "Lire des romans sur la plage, se bronzer!"
 OK, I might be getting a little ahead of the weather here but if I can't daydream about the weather, who can?

These two reminders of brighter days are available for a price, a special price.. My workshop demo price..In my Etsy Gallery

Quote: "Respect the reason your painting was interrupted." Antonio Lopez Garcia


Kyle Martin said...

The best is the way that these storms all have names now. Are the nice days only the negative space around the storms? Good to see this post, I needed a fresh jolt of spring greens, blues and pinks. Love that sky!

Dan Corey said...

Thanks Kyle! Yeah, the name thing has to stop. We still notice when they're wrong with the forecast.

Mick Carney said...

I'm desperately looking forward to a change in the weather. We've had so little light here over the winter. It makes it difficult to get enthusiastic about painting. You've sparked me into laying out some paint and consulting my sketch books.

Dan Corey said...

Hi Mick! Great, Love to see our work inspired!