Saturday, June 8, 2013

We Owe

"We Owe Joe" 20x24" is now available at Camden Falls Gallery (link in upper right hand side of blog).
 If you would like to keep up with my summer and day to day painting adventures please check out my Facebook PAGE . I post photos (like below) of my easel/paintings in progress or completed. I will also post where I'm painting some days if you want to come visit or paint with. Thanks for stopping by

Quote "I consider myself a farmer of patterns" Alexander Golizki


Matthew Holt said...

Dan, you make it look so though painting is never frustrating. Bold design and right amount of subtleties here. Wish you weren't a million miles away.

Dan Corey said...

Hey Matt, I didn't think anyone commented.. (assholes)(kidding)
Thank you! I get so damn frustrated I have been ready to drop my easel off at goodwill and apply at local hardware store.. recently. So you are not alone if frustrated at times.
I will be out there soon and you can always visit Maine!