Friday, November 12, 2010

A Little Goes a Long Way

A little goes a long way 11x14

So this year it seems that Veterans day is getting some extra well deserved attention. I'm not sure if it's because more and more people are having to deal with life without a service member, temporarily or permanently. I would love to write my opinion of the war and the big question of why but i will save that for another day..

I would like to Say thank you to the veterans, especially the ones in my family. Thank you!

This piece "A Little Goes a Long Way" 11x14 is about pride. Does anyone remember right after 9/11 how close we all seemed? Every car had a flag sticker on it? Well when I saw this little flag on the red house at my local paintn spot, it reminded me of those times.

This piece is part of the current show at Tidemark Gallery in Waldoboro.

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