Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Color Color Co Color

Against the Grain approx 6x8 avail

Life Color 6x8 avail
The top piece here "Against the Grain" is still drying so If you would like it, I would like your patience to make sure it is safe  for travel.
 Both of these are available in my online Store/Gallery. In case you haven't read the previous posts these are all specially priced pieces for the holiday season. If you would like to look around at my available the link is in the top right with my normal gallery links selection. thank you for stopping by.


parfum said...

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Mick Carney said...

More strong work. I love the life study.

Dan Corey said...

Thank you Parfum.

Hey Mick, thank you. I would love to do more of em just have to get enough $$ together to start hiring models.

Kyle Martin said...

Wow, Dan, Love the color and gesture in both of these, I'm speechless (for once!).


Dan Corey said...

Ha! You are too funny! Thank you for the comment and stufts.