Sunday, December 16, 2012

Buoy Bunch

Buoy Bunch Available
Something I would love to share with you all is a new app I came across and is probably for Apple and Android but I only know of it in its Apple form. The App is suspiciously named "Color Schemer". (Get it, suspicious, Schemer??)  With this app you can take your favorite photo or any photo in your Photo Library and chose up to five colors from the photo. placing all five colors in your "Color Schemer Library" as a harmony strip for later review. At first I was getting all the master works i could find and putting them through this app but then I started taking advert images and other great photos for a spin. I was amazed when i saw the color harmony involved in a soda ad. Have fun and let me know what you think of the app. Seriously, chime in. It gets kinda boring with no responses.. just saying.

Here is a recent addition to my Etsy Store/Gallery "Buoy Bunch". Most all pieces here are priced pretty  low. Some are sketches others are pieces that I have used to figure out problems with for larger work. All have definitely been an experience to remember.
 One other thing,  all the watercolor pieces since being added have had their price reduced by 50%. here is the LINK .



I'm always up for posting a comment, your color arrangement in this one. And, I'll try that app. Sounds worthwhile.

billsharp said...

beautiful color and shapes

Dan Corey said...

Hey Darrell, great! Thanks for commenting! Yeah, you will enjoy the app!

Hi Bill, thank you! The photo is pretty, bad glad you liked it anyways.