Saturday, December 8, 2012

Just Enough Time To Help Out.

   Woo Hoo! My new ornament came in yesterday and I love it!
 This ornament is part of a fund raiser to help out a Nephew (Jakob) of a buddy of mine. Maybe you have heard of him , Colin Page?  Nah, didn't think so.  ha! Anyways, JAKOB is just learning to walk and needs help due to a brain injury at birth. So to help out with equipment and treatments you can purchase some nice Christmas ornaments or just donate to help his family out. OR Both.. Here is the LINK. He is cute as a button and from what I hear, a total inspiration to be around. Raquele and I are cheering for you Jakob!

  A little on the ornament besides being stylish and slick, is a hefty ceramic of some sort. You can tell its of good quality. Not one of those painted foam things from a chain store. There should be plenty of time to order, receive and hang on your tree.

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