Friday, December 14, 2012

EasyL Tips

Disclaimer: I am in no way compensated for my Easel ramblings. Nobody sends me easels, easel parts or anything. Seriously easel manufacturers why you so cheap?

 Ok, this post I want to show you a couple of tips for EasyL users. These few things are just to make life a little more streamlined. The EasyL model pictured is the largest of the three, I believe it's title is the "Versa".
 I have a romantic affection for my French easel, a utilitarian admiration for my Gloucester easel and a functional addiction to the EasyL.  Can't shake it, its that useful. I have painted as big as 24x36" on an EasyL and that was my old 11x14" version with the smaller panel lip and a bungee cord. Get a good tripod or keep the one they sell there nice and tightened up and these boxes can do everything. Just sayin.
 So, the top image shows two tips. First and most obvious is the brass shelf they sell. Depending on how you arrange your paints this can be stored inside the box. I don't think they meant for this bit it's a nice surprise one day when I was trying to pack up from a days work. Also, you can see all the paint in the brass tray. That is from when I was trying out keeping the paint off the palette and only mixing there. Wasn't for me.
 Second little tip in the top image is the palette cup. This is the bottom of the mini brush wash jars sold at Guerrilla Painter (for about $2-5?). It fits perfect when the lid is shut and I put a small amount of black duct tape over the top third of the opening. (black duct tape is much classier than silver) that way when I pick up my pochade my remaining medium doesn't spill out all over the place.
 Now this last tip, seen in the lower image is the brass hook supplied with every EasyL sold. Since I first dropped my first brass hook in the snow and barely found it, I have bent one half of the hook around my brush washer. This way, I never lose my hook. These hooks fit French Easels, Beauports, Take It Easels, Open Box M and Alla Prima Pochades. So considering a decent brush washer should last you most of your life, go ahead, crimp it!
 One other kinda tip (I just thought of and don't have an image) is carrying your EasyL. I shorten all the legs and leave the tripod attached. If I need to put it down a minute I just open the legs up without extending them and viola, it's like a suitcase with legs. This is really handy when moving from painting to painting within walking distance. This tip may only work for taller painters.. Being 6'4" I hit the legs on the ground some times.  I'm sure this puts stress on the tripod mount BUT it's so handy and I've never had a problem in all my Plein Airing adventures.


Glenn Thurston said...

I like to have more table space to put stuff on when working outdoors than is provided with the typical plein air easel set up. I have found good a cheap solution is to get one of the old tv try tables from a thrift store. They are very light and stable.

Dan Corey said...

Hi Glenn, thanks for commenting. It has to be tough bringing a table with you everywhere but I'm sure you must have ways to make it work. Happy painting!

Glenn Thurston said...

Dan I probably did make my self clear;I am talking about the TV dinner trays from the 60's. Light sheet metal and folding legs. I would send you a photo but I not sure how to e-mail you.