Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Door County Update

Well, this post was attempted while I was still in Door County WI but for some reason mobile blogging was not working and my image would not appear..?. So this piece shown was one of my favorites that I painted while there and is rumored to have caused a little argument over who purchased it first when the doors first opened. What a compliment! I painted this in a ditch on the side of a very busy road while having to hold onto my straw hat and this canvas everytime a large truck sped by. Fun.

I owe the crew at the Penninsula school in Fish Creek a HUGE THANK YOU!! They did everything possible so that all the invited artist could focus on painting all while making you feel welcome and appreciated. I feel like I made sixty new friends in a week and hope to be invited back so I can do it all over again. Thank you!


Chris Gillis said...

awesome painting Dan - love those reds, must be nice to get away and paint some farm scenes. hope to see more of this stuff.

Dan Corey said...

Hey Chris, thanks! I love to paint my local farm scenes also. The ones out in WI seem to get a little more use where as a lot of local farms are retired.