Saturday, November 3, 2012

Art in Maine Show

   Well, I guess I should talk about this before the show is down. The image here shows part of my painting "Glory Bound" 24x30" with it's Second Place ribbon and it People's Choice Award ribbon. Here is a link to an article About the show in a local newspaper the Boothbay Register. Now if you go back in Blog history or are an astute "Life from Painter" you will know that this is the same show I was rejected from last year. So to have two pieces accepted was great and to receive recognitions for one of them is amazing. This show Is a big one in Maine. I couldn't find the numbers for this year online but in 2010 there were 575 entries for about 100 spots on the walls. I'm sure there were near that this year also. If you read the article you can also see a sky view photo of the show.  Thanks for stopping by. 


Mick Carney said...

I just hope that this success leads to giving you a higher profile and the attendant sales. You must have a sense of satisfaction after last year's rejection. Having visited the exhibition of the previous year I still can't believe that.

Dan Corey said...

Thank you for the continued encouragement Mick! It means a bunch to read the positives. Yes, I am very happy to get included and the awards are ok I guess.. ;)

Jenny Martin said...

Congratulations, Dan! What I can see of the piece on the wall, it's undenyable~!