Saturday, November 1, 2008


This piece is from Thursday's portrait group ,I didn't get to finish it and I think my interest due to the light and thirst became the coffee cup on the stool. Sorry John,but nobody can compete with light.(that sounds Cliche but nobody says that.? right?) Does this pc look like a scene from the old Batman show? I did attempt another but I scraped it and that is now oil primed for the next one.haha? On the topic of primed, this past week I received in the mail my sample order of Raymar panels. So far they are "Top shelf " in my book and my favorite so far is the canvas smooth. One other product I'm Mcloving are the brushes I've never heard of before ,the brand name is Connoisseur. They are a synthetic fiber and take a BEATING I do alot of scrubbing in my underpaintings and so far I turn flats into filberts in a day or two. Ive had one of the two I have for three weeks now and its still sharp and flat. Hope everyone had a great & safe Halloween . please leave comments on paintings or discussion topics,thanks Dan

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Karin said...

I've seen some of your self-portraits and i really think you should have some on your blog..Also keep us postedf on any upcoming shows you may be involved in.