Monday, November 3, 2008

Presidential Recess

I was thinking of the coming election and the decision ahead, not for me but for the country as a whole. I'm sure which way I'm voting but firmly believe no matter who wins, this country will be better off. With one better then the other but both still better then the present. Moving on, I recently found a great book on Winslow Homer, the title is The Color of Light. Inside is a great catalog of mostly his watercolor works, and goes into the depths of detail about all his working methods and tools, it even tells you what pigments are in what paintings! If you are an aspiring watercolorist or a closet one like me, this book has to much info and is worth every penny, I found it for $35.


JMahorney said...

Amazingly beautiful. These spot fall together to make a georgeous still life. I love the sensitive greys vs. the chromatic highlights in the bottle.

I just found your page for the first time and I won't miss a post from now on.

Michael Newberry said...

Wow, great work with glass and color!


Dan Corey said...

Thank you Jeff, that is probably the best compliment I have ever recieved, I think your Art Monkey Blog is Great, we have very similar tastes, I noticed your review of Colins Page's work and I Agree "that is how you paint" . Recently I had a chance to attend one of his workshops, and to see how fluent and fast he is at capturing the essence of a scene. its a must see for aspiring painters. thanks again Jeff

Dan Corey said...

Hi Michael, Thank you for the compliment, I have to tell you your site is Amazing, so much great work! so many different subjects! do you sleep? I"m kidding, My favorite is "Slanted" from your paintings of Greece I believe. That one gives me the same feeling of looking up a tall building, kind of a vertigo feeling. Great, Dan