Sunday, November 2, 2008

Cold Morning

This painting was painted the other morning in Round Pond at my favorite place Muscongus Bay. Cold air and gusts of wind made this one of the more memorable plein air painting trips I've taken recently. I finally got a chance to test some of my winter outdoor clothing acquisitions ,nothing serious yet it was only in the high 30's low 40's. My new fleece hat with pull down anti-microbial mask kept me toasty (while also letting the fisherman know that I'm actually a painting ninja) and also my new fleece fingerless gloves with mitten pull over worked great. This painting flew off my pochade box (easel) and hit me pretty good. I had repaint some and wipe a bit off me. When I secured the panel extra good, the easel was blowing over. Its always something..


Chuck Law said...

Hi Dan
I saw your work over in Wet Canvas, but came here in hopes of being able to see it better. I'm glad I did. Beautiful color and brushwork ... a pleasure to view!

Dan Corey said...

thank you Chuck for the kind words and for checking my blog out,Dan