Tuesday, November 4, 2008


On this past Wednesday night (maybe it should be called wednesnight) while attending our local figure drawing(or painting) group I painted this piece , which took about seven minutes. I know its nothing to write home about but every other painting I did that night I scraped off. I was having a tough night and was getting more frustrated with every painting I scraped. So at the end of the night I put this painting in my carry box (the only survivor of my Brushes of Mass Destruction) and forgot about it , you kinda need to forget your bad days in painting and move on or use them as fuel for a day of hard work at the easel or at least studio cleaning. Anyway I found this and thought I would post it tell of my Bad Day, and remind you all that no matter what you do today, you might do something with 5-7 minutes that will brighten your day tomorrow.GO VOTE!,,,Dan

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