Wednesday, November 26, 2008


My Tag will be a bit Lo tech compared to others but hopefully the content will overshadow my 8 track knowledge level. First the rules, if you have been tagged by me you must (if you decide to play along) 1: you have to put a link in your posting to the person who tagged you(that's me :) 2 List 7 unusual things about yourself. 3 tag 7 other bloggers at the end of your post and comment on their blog and let them know. OK the person that tagged me is Frank Gardner and if you click on his name it will bring you to what I think is like the Cheers of blogs just no beer or anyone named Norm.?. (that I know of)

1. When I was child I had to wear the same funny leg braces as Forest Gump

2.I have the same birthday as Cezanne.(different year, slightly)

3. I like Doritos on my egg and cheese sandwich (try it, you'll see!)

4. My first bicycle was a "Huffy Desperado 2" it had pictures of the desert with cactus on it, and had a large brown bannana seat. I used to dream of riding it through the desert and living off cactus water.. nobody knows that one! (yes I guess Huffy felt the need for a sequel?).

5. I'm a brush snob, I don't like to paint with people who use those screwed up "specialty" brushes, seriously does that need an explanation?

6. I'm a certified Installer of 12 volt electronics (car radios,alarms,remote starters,etc)

7. 5 years ago I finished the Boston Marathon in 6hrs 20mins.

8. For two years I lived in U.S. and Brasil. (that's how its spelled by the way, with an "s".)

Ok now this is Frank.G rules so one of these weird or unknown facts is bogus. If you leave your guess and you are the first correct one I will send you this 6x8 painting that is pictured here, well if you want it.?.

now for those selected to be my "taggys"

1. Eric Merrell:

2. Allison Currie:

3.Aaron Lifferth:

4.Bob Bissett

5.Colin Page: not a blog but a favorite.

6.Ryan Evans:

7.Kyle Martin:

Today's Quote: "Gravity isn't easy, but its the law."


Frank Gardner said...

And I thought they were all true until I got to the bottom. Good one. That "rule" makes it a LOT more interesting. hmmm. let me think.

Frank Gardner said...

Wow, from leg braces to Boston Marathon?
but it might be the 12 v specialist.
You dont seem like a fan brush kind of guy.

I'm gonna have to say...
The leg braces.

and a give away, wow, I just gave a round of applause.

Dan Corey said...

Gracias Frank, I can hear your applause from Mexico to Maine! I will reveal the bogus factoid on Friday, so Happy Thanksgiving!

Anonymous said...

Hi Dan, I followed your link over from Frank G's.
I'm going to take a wild stab at it and say the marathon thing isn't true. I don't know.

If by "screwed up specialty brushes" you mean fan brushes, I totally agree. I get a pang of nausea when I see someone using those.

I was so sorry to read the post about your wife's birthday cake fiasco. But not too sorry to laugh.

Dan Corey said...

Thanks for checking in Silvina, I think I'm gonna have to pay rent for Frank's advertising.?. I will have the big reveal on Friday the 28th..Dan. oh yea I'm glad you laughed so did I.....eventually. :)

Solvay said...

I just stopped by from Frank G.'s blog - love that "Cheers" of blogs description. I agree wholeheartedly!!!

But, gosh, I even read through your entire blog hoping for clues and don't really have one, still. I'll think on it and stop back.....


Allison Currie said...

I fulfilled my tagging obligation to the best of my ability!

To guess which is untrue, hmmm....

I really am feeling the braces, probably because of the Forest Gump reference. So I also say braces.

Solvay said...

Okay, this is as much thinking as I have time for. But first, Happy Thanksgiving!!! And, if I may say so, you're a good marketer: the gift, and also the requirement that people put you on their blog list - yep, that's good.

So, well, the electronics thing would match Frank's antique truck thing. You spoke about brushes in a post, but I'm not a painter, so I don't know what you mean by, "specialty" I'm not sure about that one. I'm thinking it's the Huffy bike one. I'm not sure WHY I tnink that, but it's gotta be either that or the electronics.........but I did that sort of "either or" on Frank's and missed the round of applause. So, I'll jump out and go with the Huffy bike one. Yes, that's my final answer: Huffy bike.

Huffy bike.

Again, Happy Thanksgiving,

Dan Corey said...

In my best(and I'm actually doing this out loud) Regis voice. "Is that your final answer!" only another 24 hrs or so until...................the reveal.hahaha this is fun

Frank Gardner said...

I'd like to use a lifeline Regis.

Alicia Padrón said...

Hi Daniel,

I heard about your tag from where-everybody-knows-your-name-blog. :o)

Let's see.. I think is #7.
This is why,

if it's true you wore braces as a kid then I'm not sure you could of ran the marathon. The same the other way around, but I think it's easier to make up a story of the marathon, that the Forest Gump braces.. hee.. hee.

The brushes could perfectly be true, so can Cezanne's birthday. Being a painter makes perfect sense you would pick up on that.

The doritos ARE good in sandwiches, I've tried myslef ;o)

The electric thing is similar to Frank's so I don' t think you will choose that as your white lie.

The Brasil one could perfectly be true, I figured that could be you in Brasil in your profile picture having coconut water. I love to drink that on my way to the beach, yum! :o)

So there you go.. #7.

Love your paintings btw, I'm glad to have found your blog :o)

Dan Corey said...

Ok this hard not responding to this stuff til tommorow, you all are making me laugh with your out loud rationalization. but I will say that If you are interested in winning the prize, pick a # that has not been chosen. I'm not saying the right one has been picked or not but first one right wins. but If your just want to follow your heart and be right then pick whatever. Happy Thanksgiving all, and thanks for playing.

Bill Sharp said...

Hi Dan, Great work here.

I'm going to guess that #6 is not true because I didn't think you needed any license or certification to install low voltage devices. (And because you seemed to say it wasn't one of the ones already picked)

Dan Corey said...

Ok..............Silvina you are the Grand pize winner!!!!!!.Congradulations Silvina!! If you E-mail me @ I will get your prize out in the mail in about a week (its kinda fresh). I did not complete the Boston Marathon, and I didn't even try.I must say even though not first to anwser Alicia is 2 for 2 with seeing the truth, I believe you won the original bogus fact game at Frank's. So I definetly sported the leg braces (I can explain if anyone is that bored?),The brushes that really bother me are the angle,multipoint,and the one's with the rubber grips, your not even supposed to hold them there! ok I'm calming down......oh yea ....Huffy... "thats how I roll"...To everyone else "Thanks for playing we have some lovly parting gifts for you".(no we dont) seriously its been fun everyone and thank you for stopping by,Dan

Frank Gardner said...

That was fun!

Alicia Padrón said...

Oh... I was so close. Well you can't win them all right? :o)

And if you feel like sharing your story, go ahead, I'm listening. (to continue with cheers cast, but this time with Kelsey playing Frasier.. hee, hee).

Not that I'm bored or anything. Well.. just a little bit but I still want to listen. :o)

Dan Corey said...

ok,.... when I was born I was backwards and the doctor pulled me out by my legs and after that they didn't set right in my hips and the braces where to make them set right. I think we have gone too far....its a paint blog.. thanks for listening Alicia. oh yeah for your runner up position you will recieve a round of applause..?. your welcome back anytime. was there an take off on Cheers? cuz this could be it

Alicia Padrón said...

Hi Dan. Thanks for sharing..

I'm sorry if I put you in an uncomfortable spot, it wasn't my intention really. I realize now that it was insensitive of my part to ask about this. Sorry :o(

I'm glad the braces helped and that you are fine now. I was a breech child too.

Your work is beautiful and wish you the best of luck in your painting career.

Dan Corey said...

No :0( no I offered the story and its no problem at all I think its funny that I wore the same thing as Forrest Gump, although I was first! :)I hope my type didn't come across as upset, cuz I'm not at all. Thank you for the well wishes Alicia, and hope you will stop by soon. Dan

Dan Corey said...

Ok I just checked out one of my Tags, Colin Page, and he is doing bogus factoid FrankG style contest and he is offering what sounds like a Great Prize. I already submitted my Guess, and theres a nice twist you cant see anyone else's answer.

Anonymous said...

Whoa, I won?! Cool!!! I'll email you. : D

Dan Corey said...

Hey Silvina, Yes you won.! YAY! I don't see it reading this way on my post, but nobody needs to link me to there blog or site, that was in the rules for the "taggys" not for everyone playing the guessing game. but If you wanna??? thats cool. :) Thanks to All who played, I will hopefully find some more stuff to play like this in the near future, keep an eye open maybe as soon as Christmas!! Dan